000028819 - KB-1012 - Can you explain the logging levels used by the ACM software?

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Article Number000028819
Applies ToAffected Versions: All Versions
ResolutionAveksa Logs are accessed by administrators through the UI
for version 3.X it's under Admin->Diagnostics
for version 4.X it's located in Admin->System->Diagnostics tab
For version 3.X there are three log files, Server, Agent and UI while in version 4.0 the Agent is part of the server and messages are logged with the server. Each log is accessible in the UI and you can set logging levels for each log from this page.
There are five levels of logging used:
  • INFO
  • WARN
Depending on where the logging level is set you will get different results:
- If the log is set to "WARN" you will not see "INFO" messages
- If it's set to "ERROR" you will not see WARN or INFO messages.
- If it's set to DEBUG you see everything plus additional debugging information on each transaction.
The amount of items logged decreases as you move from INFO to FATAL.
The default level for logging is INFO. ( Server log = "INFO" )
The server log is a link to the application server log and is located at:
  • 3.X = /usr/bin/tomcat/logs/catalina.out
  • 4.X = /home/oracle/jboss/server/default/log/server.log
What is logged:
- Program flow about what occurs in the system
- Information about a specific error that has occurred in the system.
- Document historical business events that have occurred.
The data in the log comes from three sources:
- data that is written to standard output
- data that is written to standard error
- information that is logged via the Apache Commons Logging interface.
This last category includes all manner of output from the application server about its state of affairs and is also used by the ACM software. A log4j interface is used to rotate the logs to prevent them from limitless growth and crashing the system due to lack of disk space. However in 3.X the link on the ACM Diagnostics page may fail if the log is too big for the pop-up browser window. The log should be periodically backed up and purged.
The log format is:
Data-Time [Sub-system] [Logging level] Message
Generic benign messages:
14:57:55.81 [ExpiryManager] [INFO] Expiry Thread Going to wait for 25 seconds <- keepalive

09:06:00.41 [ScheduledTask] [INFO] Starting a new thread for execution of task : ImageRemoverTask <- Scheduler

09:41:50.470 [AveksaEventEngine] [INFO] Event posted to queue:WorkflowEvent <- ACM event

09:41:50.492 [AveksaEventEngine] [INFO] Processing event:WorkflowEvent[id = null creationDate = Fri Oct 26 09:41:50 EDT 2007 eventState = New eventType = com.aveksa.server.workflow.events.report.NewReportResultEvent] <- new report result

09:41:50.514 [EmailActionHandler] [ERROR] process Get mailId [Error] [There's no mailId for user ,0,AveksaAdmin] <- no email for user
Database / Server log - Default level = "ERROR"
These errors are captured as Admin exceptions and are available through the ACM UI
UI Log - Default Level = "Info"
This log contains information from the ACM user interface
This is the log that should be reviewed when there are problems with the ACM UI. Severe messages may also be found in the application server log. Errors in this log will be Java exceptions and should be verified by Aveksa Service personnel. Not all errors are fatal or even cause for investigation.
Agent Log - Default level = "INFO"(version 3.X only)
The Agent log contains data from the AveksaAgents used by collectors to communicate with remote machines to capture entitlements. This log will contain communication handshaking between the agents and SQL run on the files from the remote data source. If there are errors they will be in the form of:
[Operation] Date [Sub-system] [Logging Level] Message
[ApplyChangesThread-33] 10/25/2007 10:42:20.734 [DataCollectorManager] [ERROR] DCM281: Collection Failed: CollectionFailedE

vent[cmi = CollectionMetaInfo[{ID=18, run_id=1193323337508, test-run=true, collector_name=10, data_size=300, data_file=../c

ollected_data/18.data}] message = null cause = com.aveksa.sdk.collector.CollectionException: com.aveksa.common.DataReadExce

ption: ERROR: Could not get resource data!]
The above message means that we could not connect with the agent on the remote system for collector #10 and should be evaluated by Aveksa Service Personnel. Severe errors will also result in a System Admin exception