000028836 - KB-1007 - Hardware and software requirements for remote Aveksa Agents

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Article Number000028836
Applies ToAffected Versions: 3.5.X
ResolutionNOTE: An instance of an Aveksa Agent is already deployed on the appliance and is referred to as a Local Agent. In some cases agents have to be deployed remotely i.e. on another physical machine. Such agents are referred to as Remote Agents. The following are the hardware and software requirements of Remote Aveksa Agents.
o CPU Intel Pentium 4 and above
o Memory Minimum of 1 GB
o Operating System Windows XP or Windows 2003
o Available disk space Minimum of 50 MB for agent install. Additional available space for agent cache and logs. See item (1) below
JDK Sun JDK 1.5.0_06 and above or Sun JDK 1.4.2_12 and above. See item (2) below
1. Additional available space requirements are imposed on the machine due to the following reasons. Firstly, the Aveksa Agent uses the hard disk to cache results of collections before shipping it to the server. The amount of disk space required by the agent largely depends on the amount of data collected and the number of collectors deployed on the particular agent. As an estimate each collector supports a maximum of 2GB of data to be shipped to the server therefore, the maximum available space required by the agent for collections is no. of collectors * 2GB. Secondly, in addition to the collectors, agent log files generated by the agent require disk space as well. Administrators must back up or delete the rolled over log files generated by the agent periodically to ensure that disk space is always available.
2. JDK 1.4 is required only if an agent is hosting any type of WebLogic collector. In general, it is recommended that customers deploy 1.5.0_06 and above and only use JDK 1.4.2_12 for the special case where a WebLogic collector is deployed on the agent. BEA JRockit is NOT supported.
System Configuration Recommendations
1. It is recommended that data collection target systems that can be communicated with remotely use the Local Agent. Examples of such target systems are LDAP servers, Active Directory, Database Servers, SiteMinder Policy Server etc. Remote agents should be deployed in cases where the target system may not be reachable remotely via a local agent. Examples of such systems CSV or XML files.
2. In cases where an agent is deployed in the same physical machine on which the target system resides then care must be taken to ensure that the target system has enough resources for both the agent and the target system to operate. Also the collections on the agent must be scheduled to run during downtime of the target system. An example would be if the WebLogic collector is running on the same physical machine as the production WebLogic Server then the WebLogic collector should be scheduled to run during WebLogic Server downtime.