000028888 - KB-1233 - 2900 Rebuild instructions for missing disk

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Article Number000028888
Applies ToAffected Versions: 3.6.X

This KB is for rebuilding the incorrectly shipped Dell 2900 appliances. These appliances were missing one disk in the ASM disk array.


below are the abbreviated instructions, see the attached document for complete details on this process.


1. Obtain DVD with OS and Aveksa 3.6.X from Aveksa support.


2. Backup existing environment

The entire environment will be wiped with the below processes, so a complete backup of the environment on the 2900 is required and will need to be restored.


One option would be to bring a USB HD on-site to backup all the data right from the 2900. this includes AVDB, images, customizations (post processors, custom reports, meta data export). I suggest following the pro serv back up script to ensure all items are backed up and restored when the system is back.


3. Install the new disk


4. Rebuild the RAID

Reference illustrations at: http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2009/05/dell-tutorial-create-raid-using-perc-6i-integrated-bios-configuration-utility/

This link just gives some good screen shots and examples of using the controller utility and does NOT detail Aveksa or 2900 configuration.


1. On boot of the server look for the PERC/61 RAID utility and click CTRL - R - to get into this BIOS

2. Highlight controller and press f2

3. Select Clear Config

4. Highlight controller and press F2

5. Select Create New VD

6. Create DG0 - OS

a. RAID 1

b. Select drives 08 and 09 the 149 GB drives

7. Create DG1 - DB

a. RAID 5

b. Select drives 00 - 06 (a total of 7 drives)

c. Select Advanced Settings

d. Config Hot Spare

e. Select drive 07 as hot spare

8. Initialize each Disk Group when asked.


5. Ensure boot order in BIOS

On boot click F2 to enter setup / BIOS

Change the boot order from CD-HD-NIC to HD-CD-NIC - i.e. don't have the CD be the first boot option


6. Install OS and Aveksa

1. Add Kickstart bootable DVD

2. on boot click F11

3. pick the CD as the boot device

4. This will :

a. format the OS HD,

b. install the OS / packages,

c. copy the postinstall Aveksa files,

d. reboot –

e. install oracle 10g db with the ASM on the RAID 5 disk array,

f. and install Aveksa and supporting Software


7. Secondary NIC configuration (only if applicable)

Selected customer have purchased a secondary NIC which needs to be configured after reinstallation.


Go to /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts

Edit ifcfg-eth2 - and add the following lines changing for the backup interface of Eth2 (NOTE there is no default gateway and that should only be set in ifcfg-bond0)












After saving the file, reboot the system and verify connectivity.


8. Restore any backup


9. Test the installation