000028895 - RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 evaluation license

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Article Number000028895
Applies To
RSA Product SetSecurID
RSA Product/Service TypeAuthentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition8.1.0
PlatformSecurID Appliance
Platform (Other) 
O/S VersionSUSE Enterprise Linux 11
Product NameRSA-0010010
Product DescriptionRSA Authentication Manager
IssueRSA Authentication Manager has stopped authenticating users.
ResolutionAn RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 production license has no expiry time however an evaluation license will expire after ninety days from creation. The RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 license us made up of six files where the XML file name is made up from the purchase order (PO) and date of issue.

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Opening the XML will reveal the structure of the license and if there is a section called license:strategy id="expirationstrategy then the license is an evaluation license.

<license:strategy id="expirationstrategy" name="Expiration Date">
      <license:property name="expires">2015.01.07</license:property>

Checking the license used in deployment an administrator can use Security Console > Setup > Licenses > Status 

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Viewing the Installed License will also show an Expiration Date:
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When the expiration date in an evaluation license is met the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 instance will no longer listen on the 5500/udp port and this means the authentication manager instance can no longer process authentications. Access to the Security Console will still be available allowing an administrator to remove the expired evaluation license and install a new production license.
NOTE: after replacing the evaluation license with a production license then please use the Operations Console > Maintenance > Reboot Appliance option to restart the SecurID Appliance running RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 software. Alternatively the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 services can be restarted in the Operating System with /opt/rsa/am/server/rsaserv restart all command (as the rsaadmin account).
Should you have an RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 license that has expired then please contact a representative of the RSA Customer Relations Desk to investigate the matter further.
Contact numbers for RSA Customer Support are listed at URL http://www.emc.com/support/rsa/contact/phone-numbers.htm