000028908 - Vulnerability Analytics - How to verify if data is being returned from Archer to VA

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Article Number000028908
Applies ToVulnerability Risk Management VRM 1.1 

Vulnerability Analytics VA 1.1

Archer 5.4.x onwards
IssueWhen we run any of the jobs in VA: i.e.
The VA web host tries to connect to the Archer web services to retrieve data and insert it into VA.
If these jobs appear to be running successfully, but yet we are not seeing the data on the UI. 

ResolutionWe should check the incoming folder on the VA web host. It is generally located under C:\rsa\vrm\incoming 

for example: if we run the getArcherAssets and if the logs confirm that this job has run successfully with the below entry:

[24 Oct 2014 12:57:11,214 | INFO - TalendTasklet.execute(51) | getArcherAssets: RUNNING

24 Oct 2014 12:57:11,542 | INFO - TalendTasklet.execute(64) | getArcherAssets: COMPLETE]

And yet, if we do not see any data in the webUI. Check the incoming folder [i.e. C:\rsa\vrm\incoming\feeds\generic\getArcherAssets\20141021_183031] the last folder is named after the current date when the job was run.

This folder will contain the xml file that was returned from Archer. If this folder does not contain any data, we can confirm that data itself was not returned from Archer to push into VA.
An empty xml will contain: 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Root>
or just