000026297 - Enterprise Manager Log settings: EM.log - log4j.xml

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Article Number000026297
IssueNeed to change one or more of the following settings for the Enterprise Manager log, (EM.log):
-Maximum Number of Logs to save
-Maximum Log File Size
-Logging Level 
(Set DEBUG, ERROR, etc)
1) Stop Enterprise Manager Service
2) Rename the current EM.log to EM-old.log or other suitable name.
    Later, when the EM is restarted a new EM log will be created.  
3) Save a back up copy of the Log4j.xml file.
4) Open the Log4j.xml file with Notepad.
    Please use Notepad, since other file editors may add formatting data that will corrupt xml files.
5) Edit and save the file.
6) Start the Enterprise Manager Service.

NotesThe EM log settings are contained in the file Log4j.xml
File is located at ~Enterprise Manager\webapps\root\WEB-INF\classes\log4j.xml

Property values that you may want to change:
?Number of rollover files to keep
?File size to reach before rolling over
?Level for logger ?com.tablus?
?Log level (WARN, DEBUG, INFO (default), ERROR, and FATAL)
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