000026651 - RSA Archer Calculation that compares a cross referenced field to its self for changes when the record is saved

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Article Number000026651
Applies To

All Versions of RSA Archer

Step one:

Create a calculated text field that adds all of the cross-referenced fields record Tracking ID fields together. (Note that you may have to create a tracking ID field in the cross-referenced application)

Sample Field Name: Calc of Cross-Ref_Field

Calculation Example:  SUM(REF([Cross-Ref_Field],[Tracking ID]))

Recalculation setting: Always

Step two:

Create a calculated text field that copies the value calculated in Step one.

Sample Field Name: Copy of Calc of Cross-Ref_Field

Calculation Example: [Calc of Cross-Ref_Field]

Recalculation setting: Always

Step Three:

Create a calculated text field that compares the above Step one and two fields to see if they are the same.

Sample Field Name: Comparison of Calc of Cross-Ref_Field and Copy of Calc of Cross-Ref_Field

Calculation Example: IF([Calc of Cross-Ref_Field]=[ Copy of Calc of Cross-Ref_Field], "No Change", "Change")

Step Four: (critically important step)

Recalculation setting: Always

Change the calculation order so that the Step two calculation comes before Step One.

Calculation order:

Step Two

Step One

Step Three

IssueThis calculation can be used to track a cross-referenced field for a change in that field.  This is an alternative to using the Data Driven Event Changed feature that is not triggered by a data feed or data import.
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