000027122 - Authentication Manager 7.1 Replication Failure data collection

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Article Number000027122
Applies ToAuthentication Manager 7.1
Replication failure
IssueData to collect if authentication Manager 7.1 replication fails.
What logs can I look at when Authentication Manager 7.1 replication fails?

General purpose knowledge note details the logs to send in the event Authentication Manager 7.1 replication fails.

Send the following from Primary and Replica systems to RSA Support for review: Identify Primary Name and IP and Replica 1, Replica 2 etc.

msinfo32 output.  Run msinfo32 and EXPORT results to text file
Send the <dbinstancename>.log Text document located in \RSA_HOME\db\NETWORK\log
Send the 'alert_<instancename>.log' from the RSA_HOME\db\admin\<dbinstancename>\bdump
Send the entire logs folder and contents From the RSA_HOME\server   Zip up and send the logs folder and all contents
Zip and Send all directories under RSA_HOME\db\admin\<dbinstancename>

The data in these directories and files can be very large, and may be worth breaking into Seperate Zips
From a command prompt change to the rsa_home\utils directory and run the following commands. (these output information to HTML files

cd RSA_HOME\utils

rsautil manage-database -a exec-sql -f diagnostics/IMS_RepLogRpt.sql -A log_primary.html -U com.rsa.replication.admin
rsautil manage-database -a exec-sql -f diagnostics/IMS_RepInfoRpt.sql -A info_primary.html -U com.rsa.replication.admin
rsautil manage-database -a exec-sql -f diagnostics/IMS_RepErrorRpt.sql -A error_primary.html -U com.rsa.replication.admin
rsautil manage-database -a exec-sql -f diagnostics/streams_hc_10GR2.sql -U com.rsa.replication.admin

Send these files to RSA support.

You may zip these into a file with the case number and use Secure FTP to send files to RSA Support. See instructions here
Email the Technical Support Engineer on your case that the files have been placed along with the exact file name(s).

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