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Article Number000026567
Applies ToRSA Hosted Adaptive Authentication
Direct SOAP implementation with eProxy client in customer environment
IssueRaising log level of proxy client to capture request and response SOAP messages

If the client is of a Java version, then please update log4j.properties file to raise the log level to DEBUG mode. The content of the file is as follows.

Raising the log level to Debug Mode :

Please make the changes in red to the log4j.properties on the client proxy. Before making changes ask the client to store the original settings. The Debug mode should *NOT* be used for an indefinite period of time because the log files become huge. The Debug mode is useful for capturing SOAP requests. Once done capturing requests, ask client to move back to the saved original settings

#NOTICE: please use unix like "/" for path and NOT window "\"


log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, CONSOLE, LOGFILE

log4j.appender.LOGFILE.layout.ConversionPattern=[%d{HH:mm:ss,SSS}] [%t] (%p) - %m%n

If the client is of Dot Net version, the please update eProxy.dll.xml

Formula to calcuate number of connections per proxy

(2 X Peak Transactions per second X Desired Response time in milliseconds) / (Number of Proxy Clients * 1000)



                  Required for proxy troubleshooting ?


?         Proxy version

?         Proxy client log for relevant issue. No need to send entire log, just relevant excerpt.

?         properties files(Please refer below)

?         Health check report

?         Utilization report

?         Statistics report for Proxy 2.0 (called  SLA report in 1.0)

?         Number of errors, frequency and time of errors


                Proxy Report URL?s -



  1. http://<server host:port>/eProxy/HealthCheck
  2. http://<server host:port>/eProxy/utilizationReport.jsp
  3. http://<server host:port>/eProxy/statisticsReport.jsp *or* SLAreport.jsp
  4. http://localhost:8080/eProxy/benchmark.jsp




  1. http://<server host:port>/eProxy/HealthCheck/
  2. http://<server host:port>/eProxy/utilizationReport.aspx
  3. http://<server host:port>/eProxy/statisticsReport.aspx *or* SLAreport.aspx



            Location of Properties files ?


  1. Java
    1. Cyota.properties
    2. Config.properties
  2. .Net
    1. Web.config - Usually can be found under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\eProxy\
    2. Log files (can be found in a path defined in the machine registry ? under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\eProxy\common\work_path). The file will be in the path specified in the registry under log directory


      Registry Configurations for .NET ?


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