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Authentication Manager 7.1.x
Download RSA Authentication Manager 7.1 Best Practices Guides from SecureCareOnline here
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IssueTechnical FAQ Best Practices Authentication Manager 7.1.x
Best Practices Technical FAQ
ResolutionMinimum PIN length Change   See specific details here.  NEEDED

Log Monitoring\Alerts  NEEDED
Q: Can I scope administration to only a certain lot of tokens?
A: Only if the tokens are placed in a Specific Security Domain.  Many admins have tokens in just a single domain.

Reporting Not much ready here
Reporting:   This was emailed in but is unanswered.

get a report on who hasn?t changed their PIN to the new minimum length?  We are increasing from 4 to 7 ?just want to see which users are not changing it.  Thanks.
C11251421 report which can list all tokens and show if a pin has been set yet or not  Monday, March 28, 2011, 05:50PM

NEEDS answer

Reporting: From: Nigro, David  AM 7.1 SP2 report that tells him which users have fixed passcodes assigned. I don?t see such a report nor do I see information about fixed passcodes included in a more general report, like an all users report  NEEDS answer

Appliance Specfic Items
Q: How do I send information from SecurID to my syslog server.

A: See the following for Appliance SNMP setup. 
RSA SecurID Appliance 3.0 SNMP Reference Guide on SCOL here

See RSA SecurID Appliance 3.0 Owner?s Guide on SCOL here for details on
Appliance logging General Information Page 125.  
Appliance SNMP (syslog) Page 129.

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