000027360 - Does the RKM 2.1.x+ client produce encrypted data with variable header sizes?

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Article Number000027360
Applies ToKey Manager Client 2.5.x
Key Manager Client 2.1.x
IssueRKM: encrypted data header size
Encrypted data with header will be larger in size than the original data. I have 13 bytes original data; after encryption, it is 137 bytes. I tried another one with 24 bytes; the encrypted is 153. The question is about the header size. How large it is? Is it fixed length or variable? The difference I got(137-13=124, and 153-24=129) is simply header difference or other?

The 1.5.x client had variable header sizes, but the 2.1.x+ client header has a fixed size of 121 bytes for encrypted data. The differences you are seeing has to do with the block size of the encryption algorithm. AES has a 16 byte block size, so anything encrypted with AES will be padded up to the next multiple of 16 bytes.

For example: If you encrypt 13 bytes, you will get 16 bytes of encrypted data. If you encrypt 24 bytes, you will get 32 bytes of encrypted data.

13: 16 + 121 = 137

24: 32 + 121 = 153

If you encrypt an exact multiple of the block size, 16 bytes of padding will be added.

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