000027252 - Difference Between Calculations in a Data Feed and in a Standard Applicaiton

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Article Number000027252
Applies ToRSA Archer
IssueTo understand the differences in the calculation engine during a data feed and a standard calculation
NotesWhen you do a standard calculation (in a field) it goes through the Archer calculation engine and then out to SyncFusion. When you do a calculation in a data feed, it bypasses the Archer engine and looks directly at Syncfusion. Some calculations will not work, such as; REF, COUNTIF, SUMIF, DATEDIF, DATEADD, SELECTEDVALUENUMBER, and of the USER or GROUP functions, MOSTRECENTVALUE, as well as a few others. The reason many of these don?t work is due to the fact that the data feed calculation cannot look at the destination data. Syncfusion also does not allow you to compare source data rows. You could not do a function where you have Source1 compared to Source2, however you could compare them to an integer or string separately. For example, IF(Source1 > Source2, SUM(Source2, 5), Source2) would not work, but IF(Source1 > 5, Source1, SUM(Source1, 5)) would work. Other functions, such as the DATEDIF and DATEADD, are functions that were custom made for Archer. Since they are not part of the Syncfusion engine by default, they will not register correctly in a data feed. Other functions don?t make much sense once you understand that you cannot see destination data or compare source rows. Things like COUNTIF could not look at a cross reference in the destination, and therefore would not return the value that you want.
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