000027477 - AxM: How do I use the cache data from SNMP to tune the aserver cache values?

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Article Number000027477
Applies ToAccess Manager 6.0.4
MIB cache nameaserver.conf cache size parameterpreloaded
1 PROPERTY_DEFINITION_CACHEcleartrust.aserver.cache.property_definitionNo
3 TOKEN_CAHCEcleartrust.aserver.token.cache.sizeNo
4 WEB_SERVER_CACHEcleartrust.aserver.cache.webserverNo
5 FUNCTION_RESOURCE_CACHEcleartrust.aserver.cache.application_functionNo
6 ENTITY_CACHEcleartrust.aserver.cache.entityNo
7 PROTECTION_URL_FAST_CAHCEcleartrust.aserver.cache.url.protectionYes
8 AUTHORIZATION_RESULT_FAST_CAHCEcleartrust.aserver.cache.resultNo
9 SMART_RULE_CACHEcleartrust.aserver.cache.smart_ruleNo
10 URL_CACHEcleartrust.aserver.cache.urlNo
12 RESOURCE_GROUP_CACHEcleartrust.aserver.cache.applicationNo
13 ENTITLEMENT_CACHEcleartrust.aserver.cache.entitlementNo
14 PROTECTION_WEBSERVER_FAST_CAHCEcleartrust.aserver.cache.webserver.protectionYes
IssueAxM: How do I use the cache data from SNMP to tune the aserver cache values?
aserver performance tuning

When you browse each of the 14 caches viewable from the MIB, statistics are available for each cache type in the aserver. Most of the cache sizes can be tuned by retrieving the data from the Instrumentation server using SNMP and using the table above to adjust the corresponding cache size.
To interpret the data, here is a description of each of the values:
aserverCacheName: friendly name of cache to identify function of cache table
aserverCacheSize: number of entries in the cache
aserverCacheTotalEvents: number of lookups performed in cache since the aserver was started
aserverCacheTotalHits: number of successful lookups performed in cache since the aserver was started
aserverCacheTotalMisses: number of unsuccessful lookups performed in cache since the aserver was started
aserverCacheHitRatio: cache hits divided by cache requests during the last polling interval, expressed as a percentage. The default polling interval is 30 seconds, so this number represents how effective the cache was in the last 30 second interval.

To improve the cache hit ratio, increase the cache ttl and/or the cache size. Increasing the cache size will only be effective if the maximum size of the cache as specified in aserver.conf has been reached. Increasing the cache ttl will cause the cache size to increase and may require an increase to the cache size to be effective. The token cache ttl is controlled by the aserver.conf parameter cleartrust.aserver.token.cache.ttl (default 15 minutes - it should match the idle timeout of the agents). Other caches are controlled by the parameter cleartrust.aserver.cache.time_to_live (default 5 minutes).

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