000033299 - Unable to recognize the .iso file while uploading the patch through web browser from the Operations Console in RSA Authentication Manager 8.x

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Article Number000033299
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.x
IssueThe RSA Authentication Manager 8.x Operations Console is unable to recognize the update .iso file while uploading the patch through web browser.  The following error displays:

Error: There was a problem processing your request. The system does not recognize this file. Choose a valid update, and try again.

ISO Error
CauseOne or more of the following may cause this behavior:
  • A corrupt .iso file.
  • Proxy settings are enabled on the web browser.
  • A firewall located between the RSA Authentication Manager 8.x server and the local system (that is, the machine from where the patch is uploaded) that is blocking the patch upload.
  • A network Issue between the RSA Authentication Manager 8.x server and the local system.
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) or Intrusion Detection System (IDS) enabled software blocking the patch upload.

To check if the .iso file is corrupted

  1. Download the relevant Authentication Manager patch for your upgrade from RSA SecurID® Access Product Versions page.  In this case, we are downloading Authentication Manager 8.2 SP1 patch 8.
  2. Click the RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 Service Pack 1 Patch 8 (P8) link on the left side to download the am-update- file.  Also click the Checksum link on the right side to download the am-update-

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  1. When you open the checksum file for am-update- the string inside is a2e1a0d9a4da455fc1437cbeb468fd8c5cf03fc6e9116e12cbc572dbb7491e02.
  2. Use a checksum utility to compare the SHA2 checksum value of the am-update- with the value shown inside the .rtf file. 

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SHA2 checksum values for the download file can be checked through any SHA2 checksum tools available on the internet.

Both of the SHA2 checksum values should match, which confirms that the .zip file was not corrupted and is exactly as it was posted by RSA; therefore, the .iso installation file inside the .zip is also exactly as RSA made it.

    Check whether the proxy settings are enabled

    1. Launch Internet Explorer.
    2. Navigate to Tools > Internet Options.
    3. Click the Connections tab.
    4. Click LAN Settings to see whether any proxy server has been set

    Internet Options

       LAN Settings (Proxy Settings)


    Disable the firewall rules

    If enabled between the RSA Authentication Manager 8.x server and the Local System from where the patch is uploaded

    Disable any IPS or IDS enabled software on the local system

    Disable any Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) or Intrusion Detection System (IDS) enabled software on the local system from where the patch is uploaded.

      WorkaroundTo avoid using web browser upload method, use the other update sources.

      For Windows Share or NFS, please provide: 

      • The appropriate path where the patch file is located, and
      • The administrator credentials to successfully upload the patch on to the RSA Authentication Manager 8.x server.

      1. Launch the RSA Authentication Manager 8.x server's Operations Console.
      2. Navigate to Maintenance > Update & Rollback
      3. Click on Configure the Update Source.

      Configure Update Source

      1. Select the Update Source to be Windows ShareNFS or DVD.
      2. Click Save when done.


      Update Source