000024382 - How to register RSA SecurID tokens on the web

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Article Number000024382
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
RSA SecurID SD200 Authenticator
RSA SecurID SD520 Authenticator
RSA SecurID SD600 Authenticator
IssueHow to register RSA SecurID tokens on the web
How to register RSA SecurID licenses on the web
Decrypt new seed records
Decrypt new license file
How to download a license file or license upgrade file from download Central
CauseWhen you receive RSA SecurID seed records or an ACE/Server license file supplied via a reseller or distributor, the contents of the diskettes with the license files and the seeds records may have been encrypted for security reasons
ResolutionAs soon as the products have reached the customer, they should be registered at https://www.rsasecurity.com/go/end_user_ssl.asp including an email address of the end customer. When the form is submitted, a verification message is displayed. A short while after this, an email will be sent to the quoted email address with the decryption key details. For example:
From: license_seed_response@rsasecurity.com [mailto:license_seed_response@rsasecurity.com]
Sent: Friday, 14 November 2003 2:39 PM
To: jdoe@acme.com.au
Subject: Registration & License Activation

Dear John Doe ,
As per your request, we are sending you the Decrypt Password(s) for the following product(s).
Batch or License Numbers / Decrypt Password
274443-90-4 / h3gb5s

This message is auto generated. Please do not use your e-mail software's <Reply> function in response to this message.
Thank You,
Customer Support
RSA Security Inc.

Also at this point, the batch of tokens being registered will be assigned and listed as owned by the company name listed in the registration. Up until this point, RSA Security has the tokens flagged as being controlled by a distributor. See the solution titled Registering RSA SecurID tokens on the web fails for details about possible problems if the wrong URL is used.
To decrypt your tokens or seed records, you must run the executable off the floppy disk and type in the decrypt key from the email. for example, in the registration above you would have a file called:
Run this program, and enter the following value into the dialog box:
The result will be that the decrypted seed records may be imported into your ACE/Server (See your ACE/Server installation documentation for details about "Adding Token Seed Records to the Database".
If your file was a license, then you should follow the details about "Updating Your License Record in RSA ACE/Server" in your Administration manual.
Note:  You should ensure you run the executable program from a writable directory because the decrypted files will be written back into this same directory

Instructions on how to download your license from Download Central.

1) Go to https://download.rsasecurity.com/ in your Browser.

2) Enter Username:       and Password:

If you do not know what the password is, please use the "Forgot your password?" function on the login page to reset the password.

FOR INITIAL LOGIN ONLY: (These steps only apply if this is the first time someone has logged into this user account. Once the initial login is successfully completed, these prompts will not appear again.)

1) Enter the license number (########).

2) Change the password.

3) Complete the account information. (This is just basic account information - first & last name, company name, etc.) Once this form  is completed, the user will be logged into the site.


1) Click on "License/Software" in the upper-left corner.

2) Enter the license number (########).

3) The license number will appear as a link. Click on that link.

4) Click on "License Information".

5) Download the license file. You will download a .zip file containing the license file(s).

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