000022140 - What are the different RSA SecurID token types?

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Article Number000022140
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RSA SecurID Authenticators
Hardware token
RSA ACE/Server 5.2
Sun Solaris 2.8
Microsoft Windows
IssueWhat are the different RSA SecurID token types?
ResolutionFive models of RSA SecurID hardware authenticators are available. See below for details, or visit RSA Security's web site at http://www.rsasecurity.com/node.asp?id=1311 for further information.

RSA SecurID 700:
This hardware device is a smaller keyfob model that connects easily to any key ring and is very convenient for the end user. Every 60 seconds it displays a new code generated by the RSA SecurID AES algorithm. This very durable token, which can be easily co-branded through the RSA Select program, is designed to be used only in combination with RSA Authentication Manager 5.1 and higher.

RSA SecurID 800:
The RSA SecurID? 800 authenticator is a multi-function device that combines the industry proven features of the traditional RSA SecurID hardware authenticator with a smart chip based on Sun? Java? technology packaged in a more convenient USB form factor. In addition to generating one-time-passwords, it is capable of storing multiple X.509 digital certificates which enable authentication, digital signature and file encryption applications. The device can also store several userid and password combinations for logon to password enabled applications. Support for mixed credential types enables the device to be used for more applications. When connected, the RSA SecurID SID800 authenticator enables applications to programmatically access token codes, eliminating the need for users to type their code.

RSA SecurID 600:
This hardware device is a standard-sized key fob that connects easily to any key ring and fits into a user?s pocket or small carrying case. It displays a unique code generated by the RSA SecurID or AES industry-standard hash algorithm in combination with the unique symmetric key contained in the token. Augmented by an internal clock, the algorithm generates a new code every 60 seconds for the programmed life of the fob.

RSA SecurID 200: This hardware card is a credit-card-shaped device that is easily portable and extremely durable. It operates identically to the RSA SecurID 600 key fob in that the device contains the RSA SecurID seed (unique symmetric key) which generates and displays a new token code every 60 seconds.

RSA SecurID 520: This hardware PINpad card is also a credit-card-shaped device that is easily portable and extremely durable. It differs from the RSA SecurID 200 in that with the RSA SecurID 520, the user enters his PIN via a 10-digit numeric keypad that is contained on the card. The code displayed is a hash-encrypted combination of the PIN and the current authenticator code.

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