000015152 - Configuring TCP/IP information for DLP Network devices

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Article Number000015152
Applies ToRSA DLP Network
IssueConfiguring TCP/IP information for DLP Network devices
ResolutionApplies to - DLP Network Controller, Sensor, Interceptor, ICAP Server
To configure the DLP Network boxes (Controller, Sensor, Interceptor and ICAP server) with TCP/IP network information, please SSH to the box and log in as the "tablus" user. Once logged in as the "tablus" user you will be provided with the "RSA DLp Network: Main Menu" screen.
1. Select option 5 (Configure)
2. Select option 2 (Configure Networking)
3. Answer yes to the following questions
Reconfigure networking? (Yes/No)? yes
Stop RSA DLP Network Services? (Yes/No)? yes
4. Enter the following information -
Enter a new fully qualified host name: example.yourdomain.com
Use DHCP to assign an IP address for this interface (Yes/No)?
Yes - if you want to use DHCP, No if you want to specify IP address
If No then you will have to enter IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway and Primary and secondary DNS IP addresses.
5. Answer "yes" to re-starting content alarm services once the above information has been entered.
Restart RSA DLP Network Services? (Yes/No)? Yes
Once the Services are restarted the new TCP/IP information should take effect.
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