000016427 - Unable to map add-ons to a virtual RSA Security Analytics server

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Article Number000016427
Applies ToRSA Security Analytics
RSA Download Central
Flexera FNE Server
IssueUnable to map add-ons to a virtual RSA Security Analytics server.
During mapping any new add-ons to a virtualized SA server on download central portal, the following error is displayed:  The add-on cannot be mapped to a virtualized host
CauseThe RSA Security Analytics server is running as a virtual machine while the devices (broker, concentrator, decoder) are physical appliances. Once a virtual SA server add-on is mapped, it expects the devices to also be virtual.

 Follow the steps below to fix the above error:


1. If running SA 10.2 or later, navigate to https://<SA_IP_Addr>/admin/system#Licensing and click 'Save Configuration' from the Entitlements page.

 2. If only few devices are attached to SA and the devices can be taken down, deactivate the devices (concentrators, decoders) from the SA server. However, if there more devices connected to SA or if we cannot let the devices go down using the first step it should allow those devices to continue being utilized and stay licensed properly without deactivating them.

 3. Modify the MAC address of the Security Analytics (SA) virtual machine to create a new one. In VMWorkstation or ESXi modify the MAC Address under hardware properties to a manually configured one. Depending on setup it may choose MAC of another device (eth1 instead of eth0) so will have to update /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 to make sure it has proper DEVICE= line.

 4. Create the new server in DLC using new MAC address.

 5. Unmap any add-ons from the original server. May have to hit 'download capability response' from view server page; if you see message 'waiting for removal confirmation' then this is what it is waiting for.

 6. In DLC, create a new server and map all physical device (hybrid, conc, dec) add-ons to the new server first and the virtual SA add-on last. BUT, map all the add-ons in a quick manor; meaning do not map one then wait an hour and map another ? the same 'virtualized host' error will be generated if this is not done in one quick setup. So make sure all available add-ons are mapped at this time.

 7. Get the SA server synced with DLC by either doing a 'refresh' on SA (for online mode) or a 'download capability response' in DLC (for offline mode)

 8. Once new Entitlements are visible in SA click on 'Upload Configuration' to update the numbers of used Entitlements if already had devices activated with SA.

 9. If deactivated devices as in step #2, select all the devices to re-activate in https://<SA_IP_Addr>/admin/devices and hit activate (does not apply to RE, IPDB, warehouse), else we only have to activate newly added devices.


If you are unsure of any of the steps above or experience any issues, contact RSA Support and quote this article ID for further assistance.

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