000013535 - After successful login to DPM Appliance  browser hangs with message 'Loading RSA Data Protection Manager. Please wait..'

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Article Number000013535
Applies ToRSA Data Protection Manager Appliance 3.1.2
RSA Data Protection Manager Appliance 3.5.x
IssueAfter successful login to DPM Appliance, browser hangs with message "Loading RSA Data Protection Manager. Please wait.."
The login seems to be successful as the URL then changes to /cleartrust/ct_home_en.html and browser title shows "RSA Access Manager: Login Successful", but the page keeps spinning with the message "Loading RSA Data Protection Manager. Please wait.."
CauseIP address or short hostname was used in the URL (for example, or https://dpm-app/appliance-console) instead of the Fully Qualified Domain Name (for example, https://dpm-app.lab.emc.com/KMS) to access DPM Appliance GUI.  This can happen if IP address or short hostname is used in the main URL, such as or https://dpm-app/, which in turn shows other URLs (for /KMS, /appliance-console, and /admingui) using the same IP address or short hostname.  Clicking on those subsequent URLs fail right after apparent successful login.
Another cause may be disk usage full, or inodes no more avaiblae. If so, free disk space.
ResolutionFully Qualified Domain Name of the DPM Appliance must be used in the URL to access GUI on the browser, as authentication and authorization uses domain based HTTP cookie for single-sign-on (through RSA Access Manager).  For example, the URLs https://dpm-app.lab.emc.comhttps://dpm-app.lab.emc.com/KMS etc, will work fine.
Make sure the cookie name matches by running the command below. Your cookie name will differ from the output below, but both should be the same value.
grep -e axmcookie -e cleartrust.agent.cookie_name /opt/KMS/conf/properties/keyManagerServer.properties /opt/rsa-axm/agent/webservers/apache/conf/webagent.conf


If they do not match, edit the value in /opt/rsa-axm/agent/webservers/apache/conf/webagent.conf and restart Apache (service httpd restart).


Make sure the cookie domain name matches the domain name of the appliance:

dpm-3:/opt/KMS/logs # grep ^cleartrust.agent.cookie_domain /opt/rsa-axm/agent/webservers/apache/conf/webagent.conf cleartrust.agent.cookie_domain=.rsasm.lab.emc.com
dpm-3:/opt/KMS/logs # hostname

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