000013786 - How to enable debug logging on the RSA Software Token?

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Article Number000013786
Applies ToRSA Software Token for Windows 4.1
RSA Software Token for Macintosh 4.1
IssueHow to enable debug logging on the RSA Software Token?
Enable trace logging on the RSA Software Token

Logging of SecurID Software Token application is done by setting a registry key (Windows) or creating a plist (Mac OS X).

Windows Registry Key XP, Win7_32
\HKLM\SOFTWARE\RSA\Software Token\Library       
Windows Registry Key XP, Win7_64
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\RSA\Software Token\Library

Create or edit the LogLevel string and enter one of the values below.

DEBUG - Logs messages that are useful for debugging purposes.
INFO - Logs important application information, in addition to errors. (Default)
ERROR - Logs only application errors.
OFF - No information is logged.Note: If you specify any other string data value, the logger uses the default value (INFO).

The logger is configured programmatically to output a rolling file RSA_Software_Token.log in the following locations:
Windows XP:            Drive:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\RSA
Windows Vista:        Drive:\ProgramData\RSA 
Windows 7:             Drive:\Users\All Users\RSA
Windows 7 x64:      Drive:\ProgramData\RSA     (By Default this is a Windows Hidden directory)


On a Macintosh, use the plist editor, go to:
? /Library/Preferences/com.rsa.SoftwareToken/Library.plist
Create an string entry of LogLevel , you will need to add a  data  value

On a Macintosh, type   cd ~   , and then pwd   to see the user home directory location

The file is named RSA_Software_Token_Log.txt .

The maximum size of the log file is set to 1 MB. When this size limit is reached, a backup log file named filename.1 (for example, "RSA_Software_token_log.txt.1") is created, and messages are once again logged to the original log file. When the log file again reaches its size limit, the backup log file is replaced.

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