000022258 - Cleanup procedure in RSA ACE/Server startup script

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Article Number000022258
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
Sun Solaris 2.9
IssueCleanup procedure in RSA ACE/Server startup script
Problems starting and shutting down RSA ACE/Server
Running sdconnect shutdown or sdconnect stop fails with the error:
Executable not found or insufficient access.
Unable to run sdrepmgmt.
CauseLock files and process ID files used by a running ACE/Server were deleted while the ACE/Server was still running. These files are used by command such as sdconnect to identify the running processes; if the files have been removed (or files have the wrong permissions), the task will fail with the given error messages.
ResolutionRSA ACE/Server uses a variety of lock and process ID (PID) files that should never be removed while the ACE/Server is running. The list of files may vary slightly depending on options selected for a running system. But generally, the file (all of which are in the VAR_ACE directory) is as follows:

There are also a series of subdirectories that are generated to store similar files:
During the normal operation of RSA ACE/Server, these files and directories are created and removed automatically. The only time when they may be remove manually is after system failure where the ACE/Server was not shut down using the standard commands (such as an operating system crash).
The above-listed files are directories are in ace/data directory. On UNIX, ACE/Server started by a startup script normally. The presence of the above-listed files and directories can be verified immediately after the shutdown command. If any .lk, .PGRP, .PID files are found in ace/data directory, they should be removed. These removal commands should be incorporated into the script:
cd /ace/data
rm *.lk
rm *.pgrp
rm *.pid
rm -r sdadmin*
rm -r acesync*
This ensures that the server becomes clean prior to starting the ACE/Server.
NOTE: ACE/Server start and shutdown commands are always run from ace/prog directory. But the cleanup steps have to be done from ace/data directory. Also, some backup commands can be run prior to starting ACE/Server. See the Create UNIX shutdown and startup scripts for ACE/Server. A sleep command immediately after a shutdown command would be helpful in closing all connections from Remote Administration sessions prior to starting ACE/Server. Sometimes the When trying to shut down the ACE/Server using a script the services are not all stopping also can have impact on the starting the services.
RSA Security does not support the scripts. Any changes in the startup scripts can cause adverse effects on the system. Please contact your system administrator.
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