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Article Number000014533
Applies ToRSA Authentication Manager 7.1.2
RSA SecurID Appliance 3.0.2
CauseWhen reviewing the runtime authentication logs there are a variety of possible result keys which can be displayed.

As of Service Pack 2 these are the possible result keys which may be displayed together with their  textual description:

 AA_BAD_AUTHNREQUEST Bad authentication request 
 AUTHN_METHOD_DISABLED Authentication method disabled 
 AUTHN_METHOD_FAILED Authentication method failed 
 AUTHN_METHOD_SUCCESS Authentication method success 
 AUTHN_PRINCIPAL_DISABLED Principal account disabled 
 AUTHN_PRINCIPAL_DISABLED_EXTERNALLY Principal account disabled in external identity source 
 AUTHN_PRINCIPAL_DUPLICATE_FOUND Duplicate principals found 
 AUTHN_PRINCIPAL_LOCKED Principal locked out 
 AUTHN_PRINCIPAL_NATIVE_EXPIRED Principal account is expired in LDAP directory server 
 AUTHN_PRINCIPAL_NOT_FOUND Principal not found 
 AUTHN_PRINCIPAL_START_END_TIMES Principal account expired 
 AUTHN_UNEXPECTED Unexpected error 
 CANT_ATTACH_PRIMARY_SITE Cannot attach primary site 
 CONCURRENT_UPDATE_FKEY Concurrent update 
 CONFIG_VALUE_INVALID Configuration value invalid 
 CONFIG_VALUE_NOT_DEFINED Configuration value undefined 
 CONFIGURATION_SERVICE_NULL Null pointer exception 
 CONNECTION_POOL_NOT_INITIALIZED LDAP connection pool is not initialized correctly. 
 CREATE_COMMAND_TARGET_FAILED_UNEXPECTEDLY Command target creation failed unexpectedly 
 DATA_FILE_DOES_NOT_EXISTS Data files do not exists in the database system 
 DECRYPT_FILE_FAILED Failed to decrypt the encrypted file 
 DUPLICATE_ENTRY_EXISTS Cannot add a duplicate entry 
 ERROR_LINK_AD_GROUPS Error setting group-to-group membership in Active Directory. Raising the domain functional level might resolve the problem 
 FAILED_ADD_REPLICA Failed to add replica 
 FAILED_ATTACH_REPLICA Preparing primary for replica attachment failed 
 FAILED_GENERATING_DATA Error generating data file 
 FAILED_PROMOTION Promotion of a new primary site failed 
 FAILED_REMOVE_CONFIGURATION Error reverting back to the previous state of replica configuration 
 FAILED_SETUP_PRIMARY Replication primary setup failed 
 FAILED_SYNCHRONIZE_REPLICA Failed to synchronize replication data 
 FEATURE_MISSING_STRATEGIES Feature missing strategies 
 HOME_INSTANCE_UNKNOWN Unable to find IMS\u2019s instance name 
 IDENTITY_SOURCE_IS_READONLY Identity source is read only 
 INSUFFICIENT_PRIVILEGE Administrator not authorized to carry out attempted action 
 INVALID_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE Invalid attribute value for type 
 INVALID_GROUP_OBJECT_CLASSES Identity source's group object class string is invalid 
 INVALID_MAIL_PROTOCOL Invalid configuration value for 'ims.mail.transport.protocol' 
 INVALID_PRINCIPAL_OBJECT_CLASSES Identity source's principal object class string is invalid 
 INVALID_RECIPIENT_ADDRESSES Invalid recipient addresses 
 INVALID_SECURITY_QUES_ANSWER Security question answer has length of zero after normalization 
 JMS_INCORRECT_MESSAGE_TYPE Incorrect JMS message type 
 JMS_OPERATION_FAILED JMS operation failed 
 JMS_UNABLE_TO_ACCESS_BEAN_INSTANCE Unable to access bean instance 
 JMS_UNABLE_TO_CREATE_INITIAL_CONTEXT Unable to create initial context 
 JMS_UNABLE_TO_PROCESS_EVENT Unable to process event 
 JMS_UNABLE_TO_PUBLISH_ADMIN_EVENT Unable to publish event 
 JMS_UNABLE_TO_RECREATE_EVENT Unable to recreate event 
 JMS_UNABLE_TO_VALIDATE_SIGNATURE Unable to validate signature 
 KM_KEY_NAME_ALREADY_BOUND Key name already bound 
 KM_KEY_NOT_FOUND Key not found 
 LDAP_CONNECTION_FAILED Unable to connect to LDAP Identity Source. 
 LICENSE_CHECK_DISABLED License check disabled 
 LICENSE_INVALID License invalid 
 LICENSE_MISSING_FOR_PRODUCT License missing for product 
 LICENSE_MISSING_STRATEGIES License missing strategies 
 LICENSE_STRATEGY_FAILED License strategy failed 
 LICENSE_UNABLE_TO_LOAD_STRATEGY Unable to load license strategy 
 LOG_FILE_DOES_NOT_EXISTS Log files do not exists in the database system 
 MALFORMED_SECURITY_QUES_STRING Malformed security question answers string 
 MISSING_PRINCIPAL_REGISTRATION Missing principal registration 
 MISSING_SIGNATURE Signature of the log entry is missing 
 MISSING_SMTP_CREDENTIALS SMTP username/password not specified or invalid 
 MULTIPLE_PRINCIPALS_HAVE_SAME_EXUID Multiple principals have same exuid 
 NO_USER_ID The user does not have a User ID. 
 NOT_FOUND Data not found 
 NULL_POINTER_EXCEPTION Null pointer exception 
 PARSE_DATABASE_DATE_FAILED Failed to parse date in database, ignoring it 
 PARSE_FILE_DATE_FAILED Failed to parse date in file 
 PRIMARY_DOES_NOT_EXISTS Primary is not setup 
 READ_ENCRYPTED_FILE_FAILED Failed to read the encrypted file 
 SCRIPT_GENERATION_FAILED Script generation failed 
 SIGNATURE_MISMATCH Computed signature does not match the stored signature 
 SITE_IN_ATTACHMENT_MODE The replica is currently detached from the primary due to primary promotion 
 SITE_IN_PROMOTED_MODE This site is waiting to be attached to the new primary 
 SITE_NOT_IN_ATTACHMENT_MODE The site is already connected to the primary or the primary is not in promotion mode 
 SITE_NOT_IN_ATTACHMENT_PROCESS Replica is currently detached from primary due to primary promition 
 SMTP_INVALID_ARGUMENTS Invalid message arguments 
 SMTP_NOT_CONFIGURED Unable to connect to the SMTP server. SMTP is not configured for this instance or configuration is invalid 
 SMTP_SERVER_ERROR SMTP server returned error. Check the server command and return code 
 SYNC_PROPERTIES_FAILED Failed to synchronize the encrypted file and the database 
 SYSTEM_DOES_NOT_EXISTS Sites do not exists in the replication system 
 TRANSACTION_ROLLBACK Transaction rolled back 
 UNEXPECTED_DATABASE_OPERATION_FAILURE Unexpected database operation failure 
 UNEXPECTED_EXCEPTION Unexcepted exception caught 
 UNEXPECTED_LDAP_EXCEPTION Unexpected directory operation failure 
 UPDATE_LDAP_PRINCIPAL_DN LDAP principal's identity source key needed updating 
 UPDATE_LDAP_PRINCIPAL_SYSTEM_ATTRS LDAP principal's system attributes needed updating 
 USE_DATABASE_INFO_FAILED Cannot use the database information, ignoring it 


Note:  Whilst this list shows the possible messages, it is unlikely that many of them will ever be seen as many of them refer to functions which will not relate to the usual activity of an RSA Authentication Manager system (for example the result codes starting with the letters JMS would not be expected to occur but have been left in for completeness).



 This table is a breakdown of the ServicePack2 java class com.rsa.ims.logging.auditsys.ReasonKey.java and alters between version of product and servicepack.  Other classes in the same package are also useful for reviewing symbolic results for other log files

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