000015283 - How to create a link to RSA Archer pages from an external source without being already logged in or to avoid the Invalid Request message

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Article Number000015283
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer

RSA Product/Service Type: Archer
RSA Versions: 5.3.x, 5.4.x, 5.5.x
IssueWhen clicking a link from an external source, the link only works if the user is already logged into Archer or the following is displayed:

Invalid Request
Your administrator has not assigned you appropriate rights to this page, feature or function.
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CauseThe link does not use the "requestUrl" parameter and/or the special characters are not URL Encoded.


ResolutionWhen creating a link to an Archer page from an external source, a Quick Reference Link is very helpful.
  1. Create a Quick Reference Link to open the New Record window for a specific module or a different Archer URL.
  2. From the Workspace, right-click the Quick Reference Link and click Properties.  
  3. The value needed is in the Address (URL) property: /GenericContent/Record.aspx?id=0&moduleId=397

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  1. URL Encode the value from step 3 using the chart below to get the following encoded value: %2FGenericContent%2FRecord.aspx%3Fid=0%26moduleId%3D397


  1. Concatenate the Base URL with "Default.aspx?requestUrl=.." and the URL Encoded value from step 4 to get the final value to use in the external link: https://Hostname/Archer/Default.aspx?requestUrl=..%2FGenericContent%2FRecord.aspx%3Fid=0%26moduleId%3D397

To open a specific Workspace and Dashboard, try the following:
  1. Get the Workspace Id: go to Manage Workspaces and hover the mouse over the name. The Id will be shown in the lower-right corner.
  2. Get the Dashboard Id: go to Manage Dashboards and hover the mouse over the name. The Id will be shown in the lower-right corner.  
  3. Replace ### with the actual values from steps 1 and 2 in the following URL: 
    1. For Archer versions before 6.4: https://Hostname/Archer/Default.aspx?requestUrl=..%2Ffoundation%2FWorkspace.aspx%3FworkspaceId%3D###%26dashboardId%3D###
    2. For Archer versions 6.4 and later: https://Hostname/Archer/Default.aspx?requestUrl=..%2Ffoundation%2FWorkspaceDashboard.aspx%3FworkspaceId%3D###%26dashboardId%3D###
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