000013136 - Token import job fails with an error and 0 tokens imported in RSA Authentication Manager

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Article Number000013136
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager

When importing a token batch into RSA Authentication Manager, the import job finishes with an error and none of the tokens are imported.

The Import Job summary shows:

Import Job Basics 
Import Job Name:ImportTokens_20090507_1535PM
Submitted on:05/07/2009 15:35PM
Submitted By:admin
Completed On:05/07/2009 15:35PM
Imported Tokens 
Imported file666706-10-1_token.xml
Number of tokens imported:0
Number of duplicate tokens imported:0
Number of duplicate tokens ignored:0


The Administrator Activity log shows the following error:



When importing a token into an Authentication Manager primary, a password field is available in case the seed records are encrypted with a password. If you try to import the tokens without entering the password or use an incorrect password, the import job will proceed; however will finish with an error. The Job Summary does not indicate that a password was required or if the password that was entered was incorrect.

 It is also possible that a particular seed record does NOT need a file password, but if you add a password you will get the same problem.

ResolutionTo successfully import the tokens, enter the correct password in the password field and the import job will finish successfully. If you think the pasword is correct, try again without a file password.

Decrypting token seed files

When token seeds are decrypted, there are two files:  one with an .xml extension and one with a .txt extenison.  Fexample

  • The token seeds are in 320027296_20_1_TOKEN.xml
  • The password is in 320027296_20_1_TOKEN_PASSWORD.txt
For example, 
Token Record FileBatch Import Password
320027296_20_1_TOKEN.xml    MWKGDQ2YV6F43BX6

The password inside the text file is called a batch import password.  It is that batch import password which is needed on the Security Console when importing tokens.

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