000012352 - RSA SecurID Appliance hangs when booting on NTP service for RSA Authentication Manager 8.1

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Article Number000012352
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.1
IssueThe following is seen when trying to start the NTP daemon and synching to NTP:

Synchronizing with time server: Error : Name or service not known    [FAILED]
Starting ntpd:                       [  OK  ]
Starting capd:                       [  OK  ]
Starting crond:                      [  OK  ]
Starting omsa-init: Shutting down DSM SA Connection Service [FAILED]

RSA Authentication Manager SecurID Appliance will not boot. 

Running netstat reports the following:

eth0    IP address:   <IP address>   waiting

CauseNTP fails, not because the server is unreachable, but because its name cannot be resolved
ResolutionThe resolution could be either to:
  • Comment out NTP or change the NTP name to IP address in /etc/ntp.conf, or
  • Add a name entry to local /etc/hosts file.

To boot GRUB in single user mode:
  • To get past the hanging screen start the virtual machine using run level 2.
    • In the GRUB loader menu, edit the first line by adding init 2 at the end.
Detailed instructions:

  1. When the GNU GRUB... menu is shown during initial boot select the first menu entry. Then press e for edit.
  2. On first line press e again to edit the kernel.... command.
  3. Go at the end of the line and add init 2.
  4. Press Enter. This should take you to the previous screen.
  5. Press b to boot
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