000017516 - User is unable to import the converted CTF string token into new RSA iOS Software Token 2.0.0

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Article Number000017516
Applies ToTokenConverter 2.6.1
TokenConverter 3.0
RSA iOS Software Token 2.0 for iOS
IssueCustomer converted the SDTID file to CTF string using a token converter, but the Token import fails.
Customer recently upgraded from RSA application from version  1.3 for iPhone to Software Token 2.0 for iOS ,  or installed the new version.
CauseIf an older version of the TokenConverter such as 2.6.1 is used with the legacy -iphone option , it makes a URL that cannot be used with the newer Software token for IOS 2.0.
ResolutionUse the -mobile option instead of the legacy -iphone option. 
The release notes of TokenConverter 2.6.1 from 2012 includes this information about using the legacy -iphone option  (edited):
" -iphone Outputs a numeric string in the format required by the RSA SecurID for iPhone application, version 1.1, as
Note: The -iphone option is deprecated and should only be used to support legacy scripts that were written against previous versions of the Token Converter.    "  

Software Token 2.0 for iOS  for iPhone  can no longer use a legacy URL in the format:
If you have any scripts or processes that use the legacy -iphone option, these should be modified to use -mobile instead , which will have a output format of
NotesThe release notes for TokenConverter starting with version 2.5 (from 2010)  have warned that the legacy -iphone option has been deprecated, and will be removed in a future version of token for iPhone,   TokenConverter 2.6.1 was the last version that was still compatible with the legacy -iphone option.  TokenConverter 3.0 has removed the legacy -iphone option completely. 
The legacy -iphone option was needed for Token 1.0 and 1.1 for iPhone; it was no longer needed for Token 1.2 and 1.3 for iPhone, but these versions were still compatible with this legacy option. Token 2.0 for iOS and TokenConverter 3.x are no longer compatible with the legacy -iphone option.
TokenConverter up through 2.6.1 were Windows executables (in a few cases a Linux executable was available)  TokenConverter 3.x is a new platform, as java application instead of a Windows executable,  so it is not just a simple software update.   Any processes or scripts that used the older  TokenConverter will need to be modified to use the newer TokenConverter platform.
This workaround is to allow use of the older 2.6.1 application, until scripts and processes are updated to use the newer TokenConverte 3.x platform.
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