000018190 - How to import or restore a Token seed record that was deleted from ACE/Server database

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Article Number000018190
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
Token seed records
IssueHow to import or restore a Token seed record that was deleted from ACE/Server database
A token was deleted mistakenly
CauseRather than unassigning the token, a token was accidentally deleted from the ACE/Server database

To restore the token seed:
Find the original diskette,  CD or download that has the Token Seed record,  containing the token record(s) that need to be restored. Then, copy the batch file to your ACE/Server ace\ folder (delete record for security after process).
The preferred method on a UNIX ACE/Server is to import from Remote Administration. If it is necessary to transfer the file to a UNIX system for import, use ASCII mode FTP transfer so the proper file conversion will take place.
1. Run Database Administration 
    a. on Windows with RSA versions before  6.1: Start --> Programs --> RSA ACE/Server --> Database Administration (Host or Remote Mode)

    b. on Windows with version 6.1, or Appliance 2.x: Start > Programs > RSA Security > RSA Authentication Manager (Host or Remote Mode)
    c. on UNIX: From ace/prog run sdadmin
2. Go to Token --> Import Token
3. Point it to or enter the path to the .xml file (or for legacy tokens *.asc file) that contains the batch including the deleted token's seed record
4. Select the option "Discard ALL duplicate serial # token records" and it will only import token seed records that are not in the database already
If other tokens in the batch were deleted then they will also be restored to the database. Take note of the unassigned token records in the database prior to the import so that you will know which tokens have been added to the database. The token must be assigned to the user, and if it is a software token, the token must be re-issued and sent to the user. If your organization uses PINs, they must be set in the normal manner. 

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