000014592 - Queries & Reports Showing No Data

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Article Number000014592
Applies ToEnvision (All Currently Supported Versions)
IssueQueries & Reports Showing No Data
I am collecting data from my device, but my reports are showing no information. Where should I begin troubleshooting?

When troubleshooting why a report is returning no data, you should begin at the source and work your way forward.

Assuming that you are collecting data for your device (raw data shows up in the Event Viewer), the first step would be to verify that Envision is parsing the messages correctly.

In the Event Viewer, please do the following:

   1. Click Graph View >> Events by Event Type
   2. Select your device type and device from the drop-down lists.
   3. Select a time frame that includes when you know you received messages from this device (1 day, for example)
   4. Click Display Advanced Graph Options
   5. In the Data Type drop-down list, click Event Type
   6. Click Update Now.

What this should do is give you a graph of all of the events you received from this specific device. Make a note of these message IDs.

The next step is to look up those messages to see to what table those messages are assigned and to insure that those messages are enabled.

On the Overview tab:

   1. Go to System Configuration >> Messages >> Manage Messages To Parse
   2. Select your device type from the list of devices
   3. Click on the link for all messages.
   4. Look up your specific message IDs to see to what table they are mapped.
   5. Confirm that the message is enabled.
Look at the report you've selected to see the table against which the report was created.

Assuming that all of this is correct, use the Query tool (which uses the same engine as reporting) and confirm that you are seeing data returned.

You should also look under Manage Monitored Devices to insure that your device is marked to Analyze.

Finally, if all of these are correct, look at any SQL you may have used to see if it is limiting the data returned.

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