000015683 - SecurID: 'Authentication method failed' in Authentication Manager 7.1 log

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Article Number000015683
Applies Tomulti-homed
IssueSecurID: "Authentication method failed" in Authentication Manager 7.1 log
Authentication method failed
ipoverride may be set incorrectly on agent

The agent may be on a "multihomed" machine, or machine with multiple IP addresses. Since the IP address is to be used for encryption, it may need to be specified since the IP must match the IP address of the Authentication Agent in Auth Manager's Security Console definition.

If you are on a Windows host, check the Event Viewer, application log  for a ACECLIENT entry that states "Multi-Homed host detected assuming primary IP= x.x.x.x"

ResolutionSee these soltions on various ways to set IP-OVERRIDE to specify the desired IP to use for encryption on the agent machine:
Node verification failed when teamed NICs are used on the Agent
How to set an IP address override for an RSA ACE/Agent and RSA Authentication Agent
NotesAuthentication Method Failed = Passcode Incorrect
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