000017599 - Applying the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 update to RSA Authentication Manager 8.0

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Article Number000017599
Applies ToRSA Authentication Manager 8.0 (virtual appliance)
RSA Authentication Manager 8.1
software update
IssueApplying the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 update to RSA Authentication Manager 8.0

RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 (virtual appliance) can be updated with a patch to update the 8.0 software to be RSA Authentication Manager 8.1.


IMPORTANT NOTE: applying this update to RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 (virtual appliance) is a one way trip as there is no roll back capability, so ensure you have adequate backups prior to performing the update task.


Update filename: am-update- (contains an ISO file very much like 8.0 patch updates). This is available via Version Upgrades to those customers with a valid maintenance contract.


Please contact a representative of the RSA Customer Relations Desk should you have any difficulties accessing or using RSA SecurCare Online (URL https://knowledge.rsasecurity.com). Contact numbers are available at URL http://www.emc.com/support/rsa/contact/phone-numbers.htm.





1.       Download 'am-update-' and extract the ISO file (am-update-


2.       In the Operations Console, click Maintenance>Update & Rollback.


3.       If you want to apply an update through your local web browser, do the following:


a.    Click Upload & Apply.


b.    Click Browse to navigate to the location of the update. You cannot type the update location in the Update Path field.


c.     Click Upload.


d.    Verify the update details, and click Apply.


If you have configured an NFS share, a Windows shared directory, or a DVD/CD as an update location, do the following:


a.    Click Scan for Updates. Available Updates displays all of the updates that can be applied.


b.    Next to the update that you want to apply, click Apply Update.


4.       (Optional) The basic status messages are displayed while the update is being applied. You can click the Advanced Status View tab to display detailed log messages.


5.       If the update requires the system to restart the Operations Console or the appliance, the system displays a warning message. Click Confirm Restart to apply the update. After the system applies the update, the Operations Console or appliance automatically restarts.


6.       The update is listed in the Applied Updatessection. To save the high-level update history, click Download Detailed History Log.





A downloadable self-contained video clip is available at URL https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-36124 of this update process. (A registered account is required to access the video clip and registration is free to the EMC Community site).


Please refer to Appendix A in the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 Setup & Configuration Guide for other information in relation to upgrading RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 to version 8.1.


Contact information for RSA Customer Support is located at URL http://www.emc.com/support/rsa/contact/index.htm should you require technical assistance with a purchased RSA product.

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