000017396 - How to use a RSA NetWitness Platform build stick that was provided by RSA Support

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Article Number000017396
Applies ToRSA Product Set: NetWitness Platform
RSA Product/Service Type: NetWitness Core appliance
RSA Version/Condition: 11.x
IssueHow to use an RSA NetWitness Platform build stick that was provided by RSA Support?
How do I use the build stick that I got from Support?
How do I use the build stick that the Support just sent me for my NetWitness appliance?
What is the build stick procedure for re-imaging a NetWitness appliance?

The "build stick" term is interchangeably also referred to as buildstick or build-stick.
ResolutionScreenshots showing the steps on how to use a RSA NetWitness USB build stick to re-image a NetWitness appliance.
  1. Make sure there is only a minimum number of USB devices connected to the NetWitness appliance.
    Preferably just connect the RSA USB build stick and a USB keyboard to the NetWitness appliance.
  2. Boot the NetWitness appliance with USB build stick connected to a vacant USB port.
  3. During the NetWitness appliance boot press [F11] for the Boot Manager.
    User-added image
  4. Enter rsabios for the BIOS Setup Password.
    User-added image
  5. In the Boot Manager Main Menu, select One-shot BIOS Boot Menu.
    User-added image
  6. In the Boot Menu, select to boot from the connected USB build stick.
    User-added image
  7. In USB build stick menu, select to install NetWitness 11.x
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  8. During the first boot into the USB build stick menu clear the PERC RAID controller configuration, by entering Y to delete any configuration.
    Press [Enter] to reboot the NetWitness appliance when the RAID configuration is cleared.

    User-added image
  9. During the reboot repeat the above Steps 2-7, and skip Step 8.
    Instead for the second boot of the NetWitness appliance enter No/N/n to skip clearing the RAID configuration.
    At the next enter R to proceed to build a suitable NetWitness RAID configuration and install the NetWitness 11.x software.

    User-added image
  10. The install process will display, and the NetWitness appliance will reboot when it has completed.
    Don't touch the keyboard during the final third reboot of the NetWitness appliance, don't boot from the USB build stick.
    Some screenshots of the install progress are provided below.

    User-added image
    User-added image
    User-added image
  11. The re-imaging of the NetWitness appliance with the USB build stick is complete when the appliance presents the NetWitness login screen on the console.

    User-added image
  12. Remove the USB build stick from the NetWitness appliance.
NotesAdditional References:

  • For step-by-step instructions on using a build stick to re-image an RSA NetWitness 10.x appliance, click here.
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