000025091 - An unexpected JavaScript error ('remoteCAs[...].catype' is null or not an object) has occurred in RSA Registration Manager

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Article Number000025091
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RSA Product Set: Digital Certificate Solutions

RSA Product/Service Type: Registration Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 6.7
Platform: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2

The following error pops up when RSA Registration Manager administrator attempts to list available jurisdictions at the corresponding RSA Certificate Manager installation:

An unexpected JavaScript error ('remoteCAs[...].catype' is null or not an object) has occurred

Microsoft Internet Explorer
An unexpected JavaScript error ('remoteCAs[...].catype' is null or not an object) has occurred on line 387 of https://RRM-hostname:444/ra/admin-ops/rmjuri-rmops.xuda?searchFilter-available. Please contact technical support if the problem persists.
CauseOrphaned jurisdiction objects (those jurisdictions that do not belong to any CA) are present in the corresponding RSA Certificate Manager installation.  Orphaned jurisdiction objects can get created when an RSA Certificate Manager administrator initiates the creation of a new CA (through CA Operations workbench), saves new jurisdiction configuration, and then aborts the process before a CA can be created.
ResolutionRemove orphaned jurisdiction object(s) from the RSA Certificate Manager installation:

1. Download the tool "a39031list-orphaned-juri-version2.zip" which is attached to this article.

2. Unzip "a39031list-orphaned-juri-version2.zip" to the following folder in RSA Certificate Manager installation:

Note that the zip contains the following two files:

3. Access the tool on browser (you must have RCM admin certificate in browser) using the following URL:

4. The above page/tool will show a list of jurisdiction objects followed by a list of CA objects.  If one or more orphan jurisdictions exist, a button 'DELETE Object' will show on each row representing orphan jurisdiction.  Clicking on 'DELETE Object' button for an orphan jurisdiction will delete the object from RCM database.

IMPORTANT:  Before clicking on 'DELETE Object' button to remove an orphan jurisdiction, ensure that you have made a full RCM backup or at least the RCM db backup.
WorkaroundRSA Registration Manager (RRM) administrator attempted to list available jurisdictions through the RRM administrative interface, Administrator Operations workbench, Jurisdictions, Available option
NotesThe tool "a39031list-orphaned-juri-version2.zip" can be used with RSA Certificate Manager 6.8 and 6.9.
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