000033150 - RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance/Aveksa server will not start after environment customization

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Article Number000033150
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Via Life Cycle & Governance (RSA Via L&G)
RSA Product/Service Type: Enterprise Software
RSA Version/Condition: All
IssueUnable to start aveksa_server service after changes were made to the server to make it more secure.  The following errors display when starting the service or obtaining a status:
$ service aveksa_server start 
Cannot connect to the database. The watchdog will start the server when it can connect to the database.
$ service aveksa_server status
RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance is not running


Upon further investigation the environment variables, such as AVEKSA_HOME and ORACLE_GRID_HOME, which are normally set in the script setDeployEnv.sh (and if AFX is installed, the setAFXEnv.sh) are not set for use by the aveksa_server process.
When modifying your server environment, make sure user .bash_profile scripts, that set the environment, work properly and that the processes start when the operating system is rebooted.
CauseNot setting environment variables can cause the services to fail to start.
The scripts setDeployEnv.sh and setAFXEnv.sh are located in the /root directory and are executed if the environment variables are not set for the user running the aveksa_server and afx_server service scripts. These scripts are also located in the following directories:
  • /home/oracle;
  • /home/oracle/deploy; and
  • /home/oracle/AFX/bin
They must be run in the users environment in order for the aveksa_server and afx_server processes to start properly. Keep in mind that these services are also started when the operating system is rebooted, so these scripts need to be available for the environment to be setup correctly.
Environmental changes to permissions, etc., can cause issues with running RSA Via L&G and AFX.
ResolutionIf a copy of these scripts is kept in /root, they will be picked up when the services are started from /etc/init.d/aveksa_server or from /etc/init.d/afx_server either by a user or when the operating system is started.
When creating new users who will be administrating RSA Via L&G services, you may want to ensure their /home/<username>/.bash_profile is executing the scripts that set the environment variables. The following is an example from an installation with AFX, from the /home/oracle/.bash_profile:
. ./setDeployEnv.sh
umask 022
. ~/setAFXEnv.sh
NotesMaking any changes that customize the RSA Via L&G environment are done at the customer's own risk. If a customer experiences repeated issues due to environmental customizations, it is recommended to set the environment back to how it was originally installed.