000033010 - FATAL ERROR : Unable to open lock file in RSA DLP 9.6 network components

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Article Number000033010
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA DLP
RSA Product/Service Type: Network Controller
RSA Version/Condition: 9.6 
Platform: CentOS
  1. Network controller is showing as red/down on Enterprise Manager (EM) GUI.
  2. Network Controller is accessible through SSH/Putty session but the DLP shell can't be loaded. 
  3. WinSCP access is not working. 
CauseProblem is occurring due to below error showing up on the putty session which is due to a corrupted operational file "conalarm_type.lock": 
*** FATAL ERROR : Unable to open lock file: [Errno 30] Read-only file system: '/opt/tablus/temp/locks/conalarm_type.lock'

  1. Access to the RSA DLP host-server through console session [iDRAC in case of DELL physical appliance] or Vsphere [in case of Virtual-machine] in single-user mode as follows: 
    • Boot the Network appliance normally.
    • During the boot process, you will see the message GRUB Loading stage2…Press any key to continue
    • 2. Press the space bar.
    • A new line will appear with a 4-second delay that counts down.
    • 3. Press the space bar again.
    • A menu appears with the default highlighted option ending in *** KVM CONSOLE ***
    • 4 press on p on your keyboard
    • 5 type the password: tablus
    • 6. Press a on your keyboard.
    • The Grub prompt appears with pre-populated line.
    • 7. Press the space bar, and then type single
    • 8. Press Enter.
  2. change directory to:

  3. remove all the files in the folder:
    rm -rf *

  4. Type tabservice restart.
  5. Make sure that the server is not running-out of free-space by issuing command:
    df -hk

  6. Then exit the single-user mode to regular CLI shell by:
    init 3

  7. login with the tablus account credentials and make sure that all tablus services are in "ready mode" by:
    moncmd status

  8. If not then restart the services by typing: tabservice restart