000032542 - Violation dialog in RSA Via Lifecycle & Governance shows the error "Request could not be handled" after importing an entitlement description

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Article Number000032542
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Via Lifecycle and Governance (Via L&G)
RSA Version/Condition:  6.9 ,6.9.1 P01-P07
IssueThe violation dialog is seen on the specific user's access page when the entitlement is in violation due to any rules created shows Request could not be handled error when clicked.
This issue occurs for users with an entitlement whose description is created or imported
Steps to reproduce the issue
1.  Search for a user who has a violation in Via L&G under Users > Users tab.
2.  Navigate to the Access Tab.
3.  Click on the Violation beside entitlement. The violation details will be displayed.
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4.  Import the description for the entitlement in violation.  Descriptions can be imported under Admin > Descriptions > Entitlement > Import and import the entitlement description.
5Navigate to Users > Users and select the user identified in Item 1.  
6.  Click the Access tab and click the violation icon beside the entitlement.
7.  You will see the Request could not be handled error.
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The error below is seen in the aveksaServer.log. To locate the aveksaServer.log in your deployment, review the steps in the KB article on accessing the aveksaServer.log file for RSA Lifecycle and Governance (L&G):
at com.aveksa.gui.pages.rule.violation.UserAccessViolationsDialogView.load(UserAccessViolationsDialogView.java:129)
at com.aveksa.gui.pages.rule.violation.UserAccessViolationsDialogView.printContent(UserAccessViolationsDialogView.java:56)
at com.aveksa.gui.pages.base.view.DialogPageView.makeContent(DialogPageView.java:134)
at com.aveksa.gui.pages.base.view.DialogPageView.handleRequest(DialogPageView.java:34)
at com.aveksa.gui.pages.base.data.PageData.drawView(PageData.java:100)
at com.aveksa.gui.pages.base.data.PageData.handleRequest(PageData.java:92)
at com.aveksa.gui.pages.PageManager.forwardRequest(PageManager.java:559)
at com.aveksa.gui.pages.PageManager.handleRequest(PageManager.java:323)
at com.aveksa.gui.pages.PageManager.handleRequest(PageManager.java:254)
at com.aveksa.gui.core.MainManager.handleRequest(MainManager.java:182)
at com.aveksa.gui.core.MainManager.doGet(MainManager.java:131)
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:690)
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:803)
at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter(ApplicationFilterChain.java:290)
at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter(ApplicationFilterChain.java:206)
at com.aveksa.gui.core.filters.LoginFilter.doFilter(LoginFilter.java:67)
at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter(ApplicationFilterChain.java:235)
at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter(ApplicationFilterChain.java:206)
ResolutionTo resolve this issue upgrade to IMG 6.9.1 P08.
To download the IMG 6.9.1 P08 software,

  1. Login to SecurCare Online.
  2. Select the My Support link at the top of the page or the Version Upgrades link on the Identity Management and Governance product page
  3. On either of these pages you will be presented with a list of products to which you are entitled based on the RSA products you have purchased.
  4. Select the appropriate license link to access the available Identity Management & Governance software downloads. If you do not have this license in your list of products, please contact RSA Customer Support.