000032828 - RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle installation fails with the following error:  <install directory path>/staging/deploy/create_avdb/../../database/cliAveksa.sh: Permission denied

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Article Number000032828
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle
RSA Version/Condition: 7.0, 6.9.1, 7.1
Platform: RSA Software Appliance
O/S Version: SUSE 11 SP3, Red Hat
IssueWhen trying to install RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle 7.0 or Identity Management and Governance 6.9.1, the following error displays:

Starting Oracle...
Customizing AVDB memory settings . . .

Creating AVDB Instance...
sh: /tmp/aveksa/staging/deploy/create_avdb/../../database/cliAveksa.sh: Permission denied
sh: /tmp/aveksa/staging/deploy/create_avdb/../../database/cliAveksa.sh: Permission denied

Checking database connections...
Checking database...
Failed to connect to the database

ERROR: Unable to connect to the database; aborting installation

Use "sudo /tmp/aveksa/staging/deploy/configure.sh" to repeat the configuration questions.
Use "sudo /tmp/aveksa/staging/deploy/install.sh" to retry the installation
CauseThis issue occurs on RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle software appliances where the Oracle UserID and oinstall group are being created by the installer with a numeric ID other than 500.

WorkaroundACM-58287 has been filed to have this rectified in a future release.

For now the workaround for this issue is to create the oracle user and oinstall group prior to executing install.sh:

groupadd -g 500 oinstall
useradd -u 500 -g 500 -d /home/oracle -s /bin/bash oracle


NOTE: If a previous installation was attempted and failed the cleanup steps in knowledge article 000036717 - How to uninstall RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle must be run prior to re-running the installation.  This cleanup purges all files created with the undesired Oracle ID.