000028136 - KB-1382 Resolving Migration Required Error 4.X

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Article Number000028136
Applies ToAffected Versions: 4.X

This error is most commonly a result of an incomplete database migration during an product upgrade. The version information that's stored in the database is checked against the version information stored in a webserver properties file. One of the last actions performed during an upgrade, is the version information data is updated in the database. If there are errors during the upgrade or migration, this update is not performed.


There are specific steps to follow to resolve this type of problem. These include:


1) Re-run the migration or upgrade. If the original problem can be avoided or worked around (such as ensuring that there is enough disk space, or that file permissions are appropriate), then the re-run should complete without error, thus ensuring the correct updates to the database are completed.


2) If the error messages are not resolved and the errors continue, check with Aveksa Technical Support to determine if the errors are considered 'benign' or need to be addressed. Every customer has a slightly different data set and some may incurr error messages that have no negative impact on the application or installation. In these cases, it may be appropriate to manually update the database with the appropriate version information to resolve the error.


3) If in addition to the 'Migration required' message, there is also a message on the login page that 'no authentication sources can be found', then it is possible that either the packages installed with the application need to be re-compiled OR that the application database user AVUSER does not have appropriate database 'GRANTS' to the application packages. This error or problem is usually only seen in a remote database installation, since the 'GRANTS must be done many by the software installer and some may have been missed. Another symptom, along with the inablity to login, is the occurances of ACM pkg errors in the Jboss Server log during server startup. The appropriate workaround would be to re-execute ALL the appropriate GRANT commands for AVUSER as outlined in the Aveksa Appliance Manager Installation Guide. Once this has been done, stop/start the webserver, review the log for errors, and if no errors, access the UI login screen. Note that review of the server.log for errors, during webserver startup is a key component to this diagnosis.


4. It is possible to see a migration required error when all the version information matches and is correct. Another reason this message can appear is when all the services have not started up properly and it has NOTHING to do with any real database or migration issues. Review of the Aveksa Server log needs to be carefully examined to ensure no service startup failure messages such as this:

INFO ([STANDBY] ExecuteThread: '1' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)') [Container] [0][AveksaServiceContainer][Register Service][FAILED] [] [Service Registered SystemService]



To check, to see if the ACM database version matches the Webserver properties file, check the following:


1. Check this text file and compare it to the values stored in the database, as seen by step 2 below:




2. Access database as AVUSER, and run the following query (note that the sql prompt is displayed in this query example):


$ sqlplus avuser/<password>

sql> col parameter format a20

sql> col value format a20

sql> select parameter, value from t_system_settings where parameter = 'productVersion' or parameter = 'Build' order by parameter desc;

sql> exit


Confirm that it matches the webserver information.


If you need to change the database, the appropriate sqlplus command, run as AVUSER, takes the form shown below. Usually both the Build and productVersion values will need to be updated. An example is shown:





ex: , if the version.properties file states that the build is 20578, then the command to run from sqlplus is



Sometimes (but not as often) the Webserver information is not correct. Use the UNIX 'more' or 'cat' command to review the values for the webserver version infomation.



For 4.0, 4.01, Jboss Server, the Product and Build information is stored in:




For 4.1+, Jboss Server, the Product and Build information is stored in:





For 4.1+, WebLogic Server, the Product and Build information is stored in:







Do not change this file or modify the Aveksa database without explicit instructions from Aveksa Technical Support.


If you need to change the file edit it using your favorite command line editor. 

NotesPlease refer to KB-1242 - Migration Required / No Authentication Source Error for details specific to versions prior to ACM 4.X.