000029224 - Cisco ACS sends two requests to Authentication Manager 8.1

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Article Number000029224
Applies To
RSA Product SetSecurID
RSA Product/Service TypeRSA Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition8.1
PlatformSUSE Enterprise Linux
Platform (Other) 
O/S Version11
Product Name 
Product DescriptionSecurID Appliance
IssueThe real-time authentication activity monitor of the authentication manager instance shows a successful authentication from the CISCO ASA device and then a short time later another authentication appears. The second authentication fails with 'Authentication method failed, passcode format error' as the reason.
Native SecurID authentications from other Authentication Agents are working without issue.
CauseThe CISCO ASA device was configured to send an authentication and authorization request to the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 deployment. RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 processed the authentication request successfully but did not know what to do with the authorization request hence the error reported in the real-time authentication activity monitor.
ResolutionPlease refer to CISCO ACS documentation for making changes to the CISCO configuration to only send authentication requests to the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 deployment.
RSA Ready Community is a platform for customers, partners and RSA enthusiasts to learn about products that have been certified to inter-operate with RSA products, including access to integration guides. The CISCO ACS and RSA Authentication Manager integration is available from URL https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-37405
CISCO support is available from URL http://www.cisco.com/cisco/web/support/index.html or contact RSA Customer Support on one of the telephone numbers listed at URL http://www.emc.com/support/rsa/contact/phone-numbers.htm to see what more RSA Customer Support can do for you.