000031431 - Access Manager 6.1sp4 and 6.2 Broke I18N internationalization support in AdminGUI

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Article Number000031431
Applies ToAccess Manager AdminGui Versions
6.1 SP4
IssueIn Access Manager Version 6.1sp4 and 6.2 , the following default value was added to "cleartrust.admingui.allowed.characters=" to force character validation
# Specifies list of characters that are allowed to key in 
# in the Admin GUI console.
# Default Value:
#   ,.:@;#$\\-!_ *'\"\\\\\\/?=~
#cleartrust.admingui.allowed.characters=,.:@;#$\\-!_ *'\"\\\\\\/?=~

This Broke I18n support
The following error would display trying to use 8 bit characters with the above default setting and the I18n filter configured:
"This string has characters that are not allowed in this field"
Even using the above parameter with no value produced the same error

CauseThe Parameter, "cleartrust.admingui.allowed.characters=" was hard coded with w so that all words in java regular expression could be used.
Java regular expression words are only in us-ascii so any non-us-ascii charcaters would get rejected, thus breaking I18n support

ResolutionHotfix and Hotfix 6.2.01 were issued to change the default value for "cleartrust.admingui.allowed.characters=" NONE
To use international charcters, such as French, Contact customer Support to request the latest hotfix containing the latest version of admingui.
Modify the admnigui.cgf file to comment out the allowed characters parameter
Refer to the Installation And Configuration guide on configuring the i18n filter for 8-bit character support only.