000031542 - RSA ECAT 4.x server discovery fails in multi-deployments

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Article Number000031542
Applies ToRSA Product Set: ECAT
RSA Product/Service Type: ECAT Server
RSA Version/Condition: 4.x
IssueOnce ConsoleServer is started, behavior similar to the example below is observed.
29 03:40:12:7098 Query 1 from 2002:80de:66c6:80de:66c6, GET to /getserverlist
29 03:40:12:9126 Query 1 completed successfully
29 04:25:57:4098 Query 12 from 2002:80de:66c6:80de:66c6, GET to /getserverlist
29 04:25:57:4098 Query 12 completed successfully

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Cause/getserverlist is the command sent by the Agent to discover the servers to which it can connect.
The following is the Server Discovery sequence:
  1. Agent tries to connect to the Primary Server (entered in the packager)
  2. Agent receives list of Available Servers list from Primary Server
  3. Agent connects one of the Available Servers.
This mechanism is what allows multi-server to work, and is also used in single-server configuration.
In this case, The available server address doesn’t exist. Therefore the Agent goes back and asks the Primary Server once again request for the Available server list.
To confirm:
  1. Run a Connection Test in the ECAT Packager.
    If the Available Server doesn’t have the same address as the Primary Server, the packager will also test connection to this server

    User-added image
ResolutionThe following is an example of a faulty setup where:
  • There is only 1 server (the Primary)
  • The packager refers to the primary using the Hostname
  • The Database/UI refer to the server using an invalid IP
Packager (pointing to the Primary Server):
User-added image
Server Configuration:
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The solution is to enter the same value in the ECAT Packager and in the Server Configuration tab in the UI, as shown below.
User-added image
If you decide to resolve by Hostname, enter the Hostname in both locations.  Do the same if you decide to use the IP address.