000031834 - java.sql.SQLException: Unsupported feature when executing a Workflow with a SQL Node in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle

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Article Number000031834
Applies ToRSA Product Set: RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle 
RSA Version/Condition: 6.9.1, 7.0.0
IssueAn RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle workflow fails with the following exception in the aveksaServer.log file:

10/01/2015 10:40:22.486 INFO  (Worker_actionq#ActionQ1#WPDS_151) [STDOUT] 2015-10-01 10:40:22,485
[Worker_actionq#ActionQ1#WPDS_151] ERROR com.workpoint.server.script.ScriptEngine  -
A script error has occurred. Error occurred in Statement #1 in Script ID 17:WPDS,
Script Name = 'SQL Query', Script type = 'Action'. Job ID = 21478:WPDS, Process Ref = '199',
Node Name = 'SQL Select', WorkItem = 167840:WPDS:1
java.sql.SQLException: Unsupported feature
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.ClobAccessor.getBytes(ClobAccessor.java:347)
    at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleResultSetImpl.getBytes(OracleResultSetImpl.java:708)

Please refer to RSA Knowledge Base Article 000030327 -- Artifacts to gather in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle to find the location of the aveksaServer.log file for your specific deployment. The aveksaServer.log may also be downloaded from the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle user interface (Admin > System > Server Nodes tab > under Logs.)
CauseThe workflow has a SQL Select/Execute node with a SQL statement that contains a request for CLOB data. Manipulating CLOB data objects is not allowed within the workflow editor. 

Example 1: A SQL Select statement that directly queries a column of  datatype CLOB such as:

select id, name, type, form_data from acmdb.change_request where id=1

In this case column form_data in public view acmdb.change_request is a CLOB datatype.

Example 2: A SQL Select statement that queries a column of datatype XMLTYPE using a CLOB function such as:

select id, name, type, cr.violations.getClobval() as VIOL from acmdb.change_request cr where id=1

In this case column violations in public view acmdb.change_request is an XMLTYPE datatype.

ResolutionThis issue is resolved in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle 7.0.1 which uses a new Workflow Editor. See RSA Knowledge Base Article 000039253 -- CLOB and BLOB variable support for Workpoint SQL Nodes starting in version 7.0.1 with the new Workflow Editor in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle for more information.