000019355 - Using RSA BSAFE SSL-C with an 'Microsoft Foundation Class' (MFC) Library

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Article Number000019355
Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library
IssueUsing RSA BSAFE SSL-C with an "Microsoft Foundation Class" (MFC) Library
ResolutionWhen compiling SSL-C using MFC, there are two settings that are required to be made in the MSVC project:
1. On the "C/C++" tab, under "[Code Generation]" select "Multi-threaded DLL" or "Debug Multi-threaded DLL".  Depending on which of these you select, your application will require either the 'msvcrt' or 'msvcrtd' libraries - you should ensure that these are not explicitly ignored by your project settings.
2. Also on the "C/C++" tab, under "[Preprocessor]", the SSL-C preprocessor definitions must be included.  The SSL-C preprocessor definitions for your build of the SSL-C product can be seen by running the 'version' utility bundled in the 'sslc' application as such:

                c:\>sslc version -a
                VERSION: SSL-C 2.1.0 06-Mar-2001
                VERSION_NUMBER: 2100
                BUILT_ON: May 10 2001 07:27:08
                PLATFORM: vc-win32-nocrt
                BUILD_ID: 2_1_0-20010510
                ID: vc-win32-nocrt-2_1_0-20010510
                EVAL: 0
                OPTIONS: bn(32,w,ll,mc,sc) md2(int) rc4(i) des(idx,cisc,4,long)DES part of RCOM 1.1.0 06-Mar-2001

The required preprocessor definitions are shown in the CFLAGS line, and have the prefix '-D'.  In this example, the preprocessor definitions are:


These preprocessor definitions must be copied and added to the "Preprocessor Definitions" textbox in your MSVC project.

Your MSVC project will now be able to use the RSA BSAFE SSL-C library successfully with MFC libraries now.
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