000011853 - R_PKEY_from_bio or R_PKEY_from_file fails when reading an encrypted key

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IssueFailure when reading an encrypted key using R_PKEY_from_bio or R_PKEY_from_file. The issue is seen with the MES library for win32vc8, but not win32
CauseThe default password reader from terminal uses a routine pushsig which attempts to establish a signal handler for signal numbers 1-32. On the current runtime for Visual studio 2005, this will do an abort in the "signal" implementation with a comment that this is an illegal signal number.


1. A call-back function can be set to obtain the password using the R_passwd_set_cb() API.

int R_passwd_set_cb ( R_PASSWD_CB_T * cb ) Sets the password callback function.

Parameters: cb [In] The password callback function.

Refer sample cert\frombuf.c (which is included in both binary release and source code release). This sample uses R_passwd_set_cb() to replace the default password callback.

2. Or use R_passwd_stdin_cb() which is provided by MES.

R_passwd_stdin_cb obtains a password from standard input. The prompt string is written to standard error and the password string is read from standard input. If the callback must verify the password, it writes a verification prompt and reads the password string again. If the password cannot be verified, then up to two more attempts are made to accept a verified password.


NotesAn example for the workaround can also be found in the "pem.c" file which is provided in the MES 3.2 source release (./CRYPTOCME/common/module/pem/unittest/pem.c).
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