000011861 - RKM Client returns error code 10003

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Article Number000011861
Applies ToRSA Key Manager Client 2.7
RSA Key Manager Server
IssueRKM Server log shows:

com.rsa.shampoo.skeleton.IncorrectProtocolTagException: Incorrect protocol tag "henna2.7", expected "henna".
        at com.rsa.shampoo.core.DefaultShampooResponseBuilder.boom(DefaultShampooResponseBuilder.java:29)
        at com.rsa.shampoo.core.DefaultShampooResponseBuilder.checkProtocolVersion(DefaultShampooResponseBuilder.java:25)
        at com.rsa.shampoo.core.DefaultShampooResponseBuilder.doProtocolVersioning(DefaultShampooResponseBuilder.java:13)
        at com.rsa.shampoo.skeleton.DefaultShampooSkeleton.call(DefaultShampooSkeleton.java:31)
        at com.rsa.shampoo.skeleton.DefaultShampooSkeleton.doCall(DefaultShampooSkeleton.java:27)
RKM Client returns error code 10003
CauseHitting RKM Server 2.5.0.x using RKM Client 2.7
ResolutionRKM clients are not backward compatible with previous versions of RKM Servers.
You can't have a client of a higher version than the server, however the opposite is possible.
You can have a server version higher than your client version.
Legacy Article IDa48786