000012032 - How to initialize the RSA Data Protection Manager Appliance via iDRAC interface

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Article Number000012032
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Data Protection Manager
RSA Product/Service Type: Appliance
RSA Version/Condition: 3.1, 3.1.2, 3.2
IssueThis article reviews how to initialize the RSA Data Protection Manager appliance via the iDRAC interface.
ResolutionWhen the iDRAC interface has been enabled on the appliance AND there is no laptop directly connected to the eth1 interface on the appliance (as instructed in the RSA Data Protection Manager Appliance 3.2 Getting Started Guide), the following steps can be taken to initialize the appliance:
  1. When using iDRAC interface, you have access to the local console (via iDRAC).
  2. Connect both interfaces, eth0 and eth1, to the network with ethernet cables (instead of following Step 4 in the Getting Started guide to connect eth1 to a laptop).
  3. Skip steps 5 and 7 in the Getting Started guide.
  4. Follow the section  on how to "Change Secondary Network Default Settings" on page 3 in the Getting Started guide to setup eth1 on the appliance so you reach the Initialization Wizard via network (over eth1).  Then start the Initialization Wizard by connecting to eth1 via a browser (as mentioned on page 3 in the Getting Started guide).
  5. Once the Initialization Wizard completes, it would reconfigure eth0 as per input provided to the Wizard and will disable eth1 at the end of initialization process. 
  6. Once the appliance has been configured successfully, disconnect/unplug the network cable on eth1 of the appliance.
WorkaroundSoon after re-imaging the appliance, the iDRAC interface was enabled by following the solution:  Configuring DRAC port on RSA Data Loss Protection/Data Protection Manager Dell 2950 appliance for remote console access to device.
NotesThe default DPM Appliance 3.2 image comes pre-configured with IP address on eth0 and IP address on eth1.  In this default configuration, when a laptop is directly connected to eth1 on the appliance (as per instructions in the Getting Started guide), the DPM Appliance Initialization Wizard is accessed on the laptop via browser connecting to eth1 interface.  At the end of its processing, the initialization wizard disables eth1 and re-configures eth0 with the network configuration input provided to the initialization wizard.  Beyond initial initialization, eth1 remains disabled on the appliance and is no longer used.
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