000026086 - What is a multi-server and advanced license in RSA ACE/Server?

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Article Number000026086
Applies ToRSA ACE/Server
RSA Authentication Manager 6.1
Multi-server license
Advanced license
IssueWhat is a multi-server and advanced license in RSA ACE/Server?
RSA ACE/Server multi-server license is in place
How many Primary servers can be installed with an RSA ACE/Server multi-server license?
If upgrading to RSA ACE/Server 5.0, what is the number of primary servers and replicas that can be installed with and without advanced license?
ResolutionRSA ACE/Server 3.3.x and 4.1 multi-server license allows to install 6 Master servers each one in its own realm. Each Primary can be configured with a Replica server.

NOTE: Current Single Server customers with a maintenance contract may receive an ACE/Server 5.0 base license as a free software upgrade. Current multi-server customers do not receive an advanced license for free. If current multi-server customers wish to deploy the ACE/Server 5.0 software in the same environment they are currently using (e.g. one Primary and one Replica per realm in up to 6 realms), they can receive a "grandfather" license to do so. As soon as they want to deploy more than one Replica in any of the 6 realms, or if they wish to install the software on a high availability hardware platform, they must upgrade to an advanced license. For multi-server to advanced license pricing, contact RSA Inside Sales.

RSA ACE/Server 5.2/6.1 multi-server license allows to installation of 6 primary servers with one Replica for each Primary server (without advanced license).

RSA ACE/Server 5.2/6.1 advanced license allows installation of 6 primary servers with 10 Replicas for each Primary server. One Primary and 10 Replicas per realm can be configured.

NOTE: RSA ACE/Server advanced licenses are available in blocks of 6; for example, if a customer wants 10 realms, they must purchase 2 advanced licenses. This grants rights to install 12 realms. The advanced license is only available in blocks of 6 realms, and cannot be broken into 3 to 5 realms. The maximum number of realms supported is 20.
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