000018608 - Overview of the token statistics page for RSA Authentication Manager 8.x

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Article Number000018608
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.x
IssueThe Token Statistics page of the Security Console contains information about the numbers, types, and usage of RSA SecurID tokens in your deployment.  This article provides additional details on the rows of the token statistics page.

The token statistics indicate the token records in the database and their status.

From the primary Authentication Manager Security Console, navigate to Authentication > SecurID Token > Token Statistics.

The various fields in the token statistics are as follows:

Assigned TokensThis number includes all assigned tokens and passwords irrespective of their status. Therefore, this number includes expired and disabled tokens as long as they are assigned. Although there can be any number of tokens imported into the database, the number of assigned tokens is the number limited by the license.
Available TokensThe number of tokens currently not assigned but that could be assigned and used. This number does not include expired tokens.
Expired TokensThe number of expired tokens.
Tokens Expiring Within 90 DaysThe number of tokens which will be expired. The default expiration reminder limit is 90 days and can be changed.
Enabled TokensThe number of tokens which are being used or can be used.
Disabled TokensThe number of tokens that cannot be used.
Lost TokensThe number of tokens that are missing and marked as lost in the database.
Replacement TokensThe number of unassigned tokens issued to replace assigned tokens.
Replaced TokensThe number of assigned tokens that are being replaced by replacement tokens.
Software Tokens AvailableThe number of software tokens that are currently not assigned but could be assigned and used. This field does not include expired tokens.
Software Tokens Exceeded Issue LimitThe number of software tokens that have exceeded the issue limit. The default issue limit is three. A software token can be re-issued only three times by default. In order to re-issue a fourth time, it has to be exported and deleted from the database. Then it can be imported and assigned to another user, if needed.
Software Tokens Total The total number of software tokens in the database.
Tokens in the database The total number of tokens in the database.
User PasswordsThe total number of user passwords in the database.
Tokens and Passwords in DatabaseThis displays the total number of token records and user passwords in the database. However, this number can be more than the license limit and does not indicate the number of tokens which are in use or can be used.
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