000018458 - What are Delta Records?

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Delta records
IssueWhat are Delta Records?
ResolutionThe server database resides in five files sdserv.bi, sdserv.db, sdserv.lg, sdserv.lic, sdserv.vrs. Any record update is written to sdserv.db file via sdserv.bi file. During a record change the data resides in sdserv.bi and when the change is complete the data is written to sdserv.db file. The records which are under 'change' in sdserv.bi file are called DELTA RECORDS. After the change the data is stored in sdserv.db file and the deltas are removed. 1. The data present in records in the sdserv.bi file cannot be successfully manifested in the sdserv.db file due to the differences in the schema (record/field format). In order to avoid this situation, the Master server, Slave server and all Remote Administration software should be at the same patch level. 2. The sdserv.bi and sdlog.bi files provide an intermediate data store for all transactions involving record changes in the Progress database. Progress database has "Before Image" (.bi) and "After Image" (.ai) files. RSA Security ACE/Server does not use "After Image" files for data recovery. 3. In the event of a failure during a database write, the transactions in the .bi files are checked against the records in the databases.  If there is a difference, then the database record is backed out to the record state in the .bi file.  If this is not possible, then the record is returned to its pre-write state which is also stored in the .bi file. 4. Due to the differences in these records, database compression is done without loading the delta records to reconcile the Master and Slave databases. When the Master ACE/Server and Slave server databases are not synchronized, the database compression (without loading the delta records) is recommended. See the Solution on Database Compression. Note: The ACE/Server 3.3.14 and greater versions allow the database compression without loading the delta records.          On UNIX ACE/Server: (ACE/Server 4.1 and prior version)    ace/prog> ./sdcompress -s -x On NT ACE/Server: 1. Start -->Programs --->ACE Server -->Database Compression: 2. Check the box "Server Database" 3. Check the box "Do not load Delta Records"
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