000018123 - What is the relationship between Shared Memory and API or Remote Administration connections?

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Article Number000018123
Applies ToShared Memory is used by RDBMS applications for synchronization between various processes and as a private buffer.
IssueWhat is the relationship between Shared Memory and API or Remote Administration connections?
Specific Progress Database errors for insufficient Shared Memory are Errors: 1135, 1175, 1719, 1720, 1137, 1138.
ResolutionAllow 18 bytes per record lock.

The maximum number of active connections to the ACE/Server databases, by default, is 32. One connection is used for each _mprosrv process to connect to one database. There are two databases for each administration connection. The Progress Brokers use 2 connections on startup, this leaves 30 connections which can support 15 administration sessions.

Remote Administration does not use shared memory for processing. The ACE/Server sends the data directly to the Remote Administration workstation for processing. The shared memory utilized for RA is on the workstation. Therefore, the only shared memory utilized by Remote Administration will be the shared memory used for each process on startup.

On the Solaris operating system, there is approximately 10 Meg for the first iteration of the _mprosrv process, and 300K for each additional copy of the process. These values were obtained using the Solaris memtool to differentiate private memory for each process from the shared libraries loaded upon startup of the first iteration. These values cannot be determined with standard Solaris utilities. All other Operating Systems will use the shared memory which is reported by their memory management utilities.

You will also need to edit the /ace/prog/sdserv.pf file, the /ace/prog/sdlog.pf file, and the /ace/RDBMS/startup.pf file.
There are a number of variables you will need to administrate. Please keep all 3 files the same. This is important for certain switches.

The -L switch controls the number of record locks the database can handle. Each lock record requires 18 bytes of Shared Memory.

The -n switch is the number of _mprosrv processes. Starting the ACE/Server uses two. Each connection uses one per database. The processes act as daemons dedicated to the port by default. Therefore, they can only reconnect to a request from the same workstation they generated from originally.

RSA Security recommends you set the -Mi 5 switch to 5
("-Mi 5"). This allows one set of _mprosrv processes to dynamically reconnect 5 connections from any systems (not dedicated). This also reduces required system resources by a factor of 5 for those resources used to launch administrative connections.

-L 64000
-n 32
-Mi 5

If you need to increase the default maximum number of administrative connections, How do I configure more shared-memory than the recommended minimum?

If you need to allow greater semaphore settings to manage the Shared Memory, Calculating kernel parameters for semaphores - what are the requirements when using Remote Administration sessions?.
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