000026075 - Where must the apidemon executable reside for various SecurID Administration Toolkit versions?

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Article Number000026075
Applies ToAll supported platforms.
ACE/Server Administration Toolkit
Authentication Manager Administration Toolkit
Attempting to run a previously working administration toolkit program linked to an earlier version of the toolkit library than the ACE/Server (Authentication Manager) now being utilized.
IssueWhere must the apidemon executable reside for various SecurID Administration Toolkit versions?
Error "Failed to init demon" when trying to run an admin toolkit program.
CauseDue to apidemon location requirements, some toolkit programs may not work on a later Server.
- Pre-5.2 ACE/Server:  the apidemon was assumed to be in the admin toolkit program's current working directory.
- ACE/Server 5.2:  moved the apidemon to <ACE_HOME>/utils/toolkit.  The exact location on Windows was determined via registry key HKLM\SDTI\ACESERVER\Current Version\Location.  UNIX systems utilize the VAR_ACE environment variable to help locate the apidemon.   Additionally, the ability to define a different apidemon location (via the APIDEMON_ALT_PATH environment variable) was added.
- Auth Manager 6.0: apidemon location moved to <ACE_HOME>/prog. 
- Auth Manager 6.1: Authentication Manager registry hive moved (Windows). 
ResolutionFor pre-5.2 programs it is required to place a copy of apidemon in the current working directory of the toolkit program.
For 5.2 programs running on a 6.0 Server either a copy of apidemon can be placed in <ACE_HOME>/utils/toolkit or the APIDEMON_ALT_PATH variable can be used to point to <ACE_HOME>/prog.
For 5.2 and 6.0 toolkit programs running on a 6.1 Server (Windows) see solution a29520.
WorkaroundAcross the various 5.x and 6.x Authentication Manager versions the path to the apidemon executable and how it is determined has changed significantly.
NotesSecurID Administration Toolkit executables depend on a unique-to-each-Server-version program named apidemon (apidemon.exe on Windows).  The apidemon performs any requested database interaction on behalf of toolkit programs which shields them from having to know the Server's database schema.  This allows toolkit programs compiled with a different (earlier) version of the toolkit library to interact successfully with a newer Server version (backward compatibility).
The location of the apidemon executable file is critical to successfully running any admin toolkit program.
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